With a Black Cat project on the way, the Marvel character could also appear in Spider-Man 4. These are the 7 actresses who could play Felicia Hardy!

Spider-man 4 has become an absolute must for fans after the premiere of No way home. The last movie of Marvel studios the desire to continue seeing arachnid projects has catapulted to all-time highs. And to top it all Andrew Garfield seems determined not to miss the train to continue his individual saga with a return that would be legendary. But today we have to talk about Black cat.

The character of Black cat is one of the most iconic and loved by readers of the Wall-crawler. Comics Spidey have always welcomed Felicia hardy with enthusiasm and joy, and she has become a very important part of the life of Peter parker, even on a sentimental and romantic level, since they were a couple for a time in the cartoons.

Sony Pictures confirmed long ago that he had plans with Black Cat in film or television. A movie of the character was even confirmed, although it remained on standby and has not yet come out of that borage water in which it rests. However, things could be precipitated after the success of No way home and Black Cat could find refuge even in Spider-man 4.

Now, with all that rumor mill in the air, we rescued this list of 7 actresses who could play Black Cat in Spider-Man 4. A listing published by Comic Book Movie that we share with you, so you can tell us what would be your preferred choice in the comments.

1- Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4

The protagonist of Lady’s Gambit Y Last night in Soho She is the great favorite for the role and one of the favorites by the fans. She has already proven her potential as a superhero or comic book character in the underrated New Mutants. With Black Cat, Anya Taylor-Joy could do something amazing. And it has a huge fan base behind who supports her unconditionally.

2- Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4

Known for her roles in True detective, Baywatch: Baywatch and the recent The White Lotus, Alexandra daddario it has always been related to roles in the superhero universe. In fact, it has always been a fan favorite when it comes to casting Zatanna in Justice League Dark. But do you see her as Black Cat in Spider-man 4?

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3- Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4

Daisy ridley She is an “acquaintance of the house.” After having played King in the latest trilogy of Star wars, has the confidence of Disney and is waiting for the perfect opportunity to make the leap in Hollywood again. Perhaps there are too many “franchise papers” for the same person, but look at Tom holland and you will see that it is not crazy to think about this.

4- Lana Condor

Lana Condor as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4

It was totally wasted as Joy in X-Men: Apocalypse and drew attention both in Alita: Battle Angel as in the series of Lethal class. Lana Condor It would be a very interesting option as a casting of Black Cat in Spider-man 4 and it would surely add a touch that would come in handy to the action sequences of Felicia Hardy.

5- Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4

He broke Hollywood with his role in Blade runner 2049 and finished confirming his stardom in the movie of Rian johnson, Daggers in the back. Ana de Armas She is one superhero movie away from becoming one of the most generational and beloved actresses of the moment. The Cuban actress is just 33 years old and she will have plenty of opportunities. We want her at Marvel, Dc comics or Star Wars as soon as possible!

6- Emma Watson

Emma Watson as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4

After becoming an icon like Hermione in the saga of Harry Potter, Emma Watson She has never finished establishing herself definitively as a referential actress. It is perhaps the least interesting on the list, in that sense. But it is also true that it would be curious to see her in a comfort zone as far from her own as superhero cinema, don’t you think?

7- Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones as Black Cat in Spider-Man 4

We already saw her as “Felicia” in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and, beyond the easter egg, we never knew anything else about this character. What if it really was Black Cat? What if they could use Felicity Jones as Felicia Hardy in Spider-man 4? The protagonist of Rogue one fits perfectly in the role and with this of the multiverse of No way home We already know that absolutely everything is worth it.