The 5 universities with the LOWEST scores in the ENARM 2021

The 5 universities with the LOWEST scores in the ENARM 2021
  • As in 2019, the Universidad del Sur (Chiapas) was the one that obtained the lowest overall scores in the ENARM 2021.
  • For this edition there were a total of 47,724 applicants.
  • Once again, the schools in the south of the country were the ones that achieved the lowest performance in the test.

Within the field of health, professional training is mandatory. Although the studies do not always end when you graduate from the university because you can also present the National Examination of Applicants to Medical Residencies (ENARM) to get a place as a specialist, do you know what the lowest scores were in the last edition?

In that tenor, yesterday we shared with you the best performing schools. Now it’s time to meet the opposite side made up of those who had the most disappointing results.

What is ENAR?

However, for those interested in being specialists, it is mandatory to submit and pass the ENARM. It is an objective and consensual instrument for measuring knowledge in the context of the practice of general medicine, which constitutes the first stage of the process to enter the National System of Medical Residencies (SNRM).

The ENARM is developed through audited and notarially certified processes in all its phases, it has a comprehensive security system that guarantees the quality, security and confidentiality of the process.

General objective

Select Mexican and foreign general practitioners and physicians who aspire to complete a medical residency through a specialty university course.

Specific goal

Carry out the selection of medical doctors and general practitioners aspiring to pursue a medical residency through an equitable, transparent, legal and professional process. It does so through the application of an objective and valid tool for measuring contextualized knowledge in clinical cases corresponding to the competencies of a general practitioner.

In this case, the Interinstitutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources for Health (CIFRHS) is the highest authority on the subject. After a long wait finally published the statistics by university of the 2021 edition.

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In the first place, the ENARM 2021 received a total of 47,724 applicants nationwide and, as every year, there were some schools that became known for achieving the lowest scores.

Something important that should be mentioned is that until 2019, only two of every 10 applicants who presented the ENARM obtained a place. While for the 2020 edition the available places were doubled and that allowed more young people to continue their training. Although despite this change, more spaces are still required to meet the current demand.

But just as more places are needed, it is also true that not all applicants give enough importance to the test. While others simply do not obtain a satisfactory qualification and that prevents them from obtaining a residency. Even if the places are increased, if the score is too low it is impossible to offer an opportunity for everyone.

Having said all of the above, from the official reports it was obtained that the universities with the lowest scores in the ENARM 2021 were the following:

  • University of the South (Chiapas) – 44.66
  • University of Soconusco (Chiapas) – 48.07
  • University of the Valley of Mexico Campus Villahermosa (Tabasco) – 48.77
  • Institute of Higher Studies Tepeaca (Puebla) – 48.87
  • Free University of Homeopathy of Mexico (CDMX) – 49.20

Something that is observed is that the University of the Southeast of Chiapas was positioned in the last place. This honorable recognition was also achieved in 2019, although at that time it achieved an overall score of 47,167.

Similarly, it can be seen that most of the universities are located in the south of the country. It is precisely one of the regions that suffers the most shortages and this is proven by the constant complaints of hospital workers. In any case, from the formative part the deficiencies begin that later worsen in the professional plane.

For now, which do you think will be the universities with the lowest ENARM 2022 scores?