The 2022 iPad Pro will not have glass on the back, but it will have MagSafe

The 2022 iPad Pro will not have glass on the back, but it will have MagSafe

Apple’s plans regarding the iPadPro next generation are still unknown, although we have come across rumors of its possible features, both aesthetic and functional. As published 9to5MacCiting sources linked to the design plans of the Californian firm, the new version of the device it would not incorporate glass in the back.

Such a possibility was originally revealed in June of last year, a few weeks after the launch of the iPad Pro with M1 processor. In theory, using a glass cover would make it easier to add wireless charging through the MagSafe system. However, this would also have caused uncertainty about the fragility of the device and, apparently, it would have led those from Cupertino to evaluate other possibilities.

The aforementioned report indicates that Apple would be experimenting with prototypes of the iPad Pro with the isotype of the largest apple in the back. It would be made of glass and would allow the wireless charging system to be adopted, something that users have been demanding for a long time.

It is also mentioned that the device would have stronger magnets to prevent the charger from accidentally detaching; and even that it would support faster charging than the iPhone can achieve via MagSafe. What is not mentioned is if it will incorporate the load Wireless reverse; it would allow powering other devices by resting them on the back of the iPad Pro.

The next iPad Pro could arrive with various news

While the aesthetics of the next iPad Pro would not change too much compared to the current version, 9to5Mac Mention other options to consider. On the one hand, it is indicated that the Apple tablet could come with a larger battery. This could be motivated by two issues: on the one hand, user complaints about the Magic Keyboard’s power consumption; and on the other, because the device could come in versions with larger screens.

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The latter is not exactly new either. Already in the middle of last year, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, predicted that Apple could launch variants with panels 14 and 16 inches. If materialized, they would imply a very important leap compared to the current larger model, which reaches 12.9 inches. However, the decision would be based on meeting the needs of professional users.

The most recent rumors about the 2022 iPad Pro also put on the table the possibility that it will launch with a new processor. Although some analysts are already playing their cards to a hypothetical chip M2, there are not many indications in this regard other than a projection based on the behavior of Apple in previous years.

And as for the aesthetic face, it will surely matter little to users if the back cover is made of glass or aluminum if they cannot get all the juice out of the hardware inside. Let us remember that the iPad Pro M1 was criticized because the apps they could only use up to 5 GB of RAM, even in the 16 GB model; problem that was only solved last September with the update to iPadOS 15.