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The 10 most prescribed drugs in the world

The 10 most prescribed drugs in the world
  • The only people who can legally prescribe drugs are physicians, homeopaths, dental surgeons, veterinarians, social service interns and registered nurses.
  • A Pharmaceutical Chemist published a list of the most prescribed drugs in the world.
  • The chosen ones stand out because they work for diseases or ailments with a very high incidence.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most powerful today. But beyond economic power, its true importance lies in the millions of deaths it manages to prevent each year. In addition, it also has a direct impact on people’s quality of life thanks to the different drugs that have been designed, but do you know which are the most prescribed drugs in the world?

In this sense, during your daily work you must follow a protocol that is repeated with all patients. First is the questionnaire with key questions that help you identify the source of the problem.

You can also rely on auscultation along with instruments such as a stethoscope to identify sounds or abnormal breathing in the patient. In fact, nowadays there are also tools such as digital applications to have more options to make your work easier. In any case, it is always about assistants who are at your disposal.

Importance of the prescription

At the end, with all the elements gathered, you get a clear picture of the disease or condition that the patient has. At that moment follow the prescription filling with drugs and personalized indications to achieve patient recovery.

This document must be prepared from the questionnaire made to the patient and with the observations of the consultation. To avoid errors in interpretation, you must use a clear letter in case you write it by hand. While if you use a computer or it is digital, you should avoid abbreviations so that it is understandable for people outside the medical field. Remember that you know the technicalities very well but the patients do not.

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Who can issue a prescription?

There is a belief that doctors are the only ones authorized to issue a prescription, but this is not the case. The law indicates that there are six types of workers with the legal capacity to prescribe medications and they are the following:

  • Doctors.
  • Homeopaths.
  • Dental surgeons.
  • Veterinarians.
  • Interns in social service.
  • Registered Nurses.

The medication prescription must be in accordance with the following:

I. In the case of those included in the Catalog of Interchangeable Generic Medications referred to in article 75 of this ordinance, you must write down the Generic Name and, if you wish, you may indicate the Distinctive Name of your choice.

II. In the case of those that are not included in the Catalog referred to in the previous section, it may indistinctly express the Distinctive Denomination or jointly the Generic and Distinctive Denominations.

The variety of drugs that you can recommend is quite extensive, although there are some that stand out because they are the most prescribed drugs in the world. To know the names, the Pharmaceutical Chemist Pepe Olverawho uses their social networks to share informative content, published a list of the top 10 places.

  1. Simvastatin
  2. Aspirin
  3. Omeprazole
  4. levothyroxine
  5. Ramipril
  6. amlodipine
  7. Paracetamol
  8. Atorvastatin
  9. Salbutamol
  10. Lansoprazole

In this case, all the selected ones are distinguished because they work against diseases or ailments with a very high incidence. As it affects so many people, it is natural that its demand is also quite high.


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In the same way, there are other aspects such as economic price or that they are free for sale so that their sales are among the highest today.