The 10 Highest Paying Jobs For Which You Don’t Need Any Experience | Life

The 10 Highest Paying Jobs For Which You Don’t Need Any Experience |  Life

Waiter, cleaning worker, delivery man, assistant … There are many jobs in which you can start work almost the first day, without having practiced before.

But almost all of them have low salaries with which it is difficult to make ends meet.

It’s possible to find inexperienced jobs that pay good? The reality is that yes, and they are even very well paid. Let’s check it out.

Knowing how to program is not only used to create or improve programs. Learning a language also prepares you to solve the problems of daily life, and helps you in your day to day. You can even make a living out of it.

Of course, they do not require experience, does not mean they do not require training.

In some cases, you have to pass a course of a few days, or even months or years, luckily paid, before starting to work. But you get the position without prior experience.

The 10 highest paying jobs that require no experience

Transcriber, copywriter and proofreader

A transcriber convert speech to text.

Today the video culture is widespread, and in many cases companies and professionals require transcribe video or audio files to text, for example to add subtitles, to translate, etc.

To earn money as a transcriber you need good language skills and fast typing, but if you serve and deliver the texts quickly and without errors, you can start making money right away, working as a freelancer for companies like Amberscript,

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Another good job with no experience is as a copywriter: a company or individual entrusts you to write a certain text.

They are very varied orders: from an advertisement to an apology letter, a speech, a manual for an app, a product presentation, etc.

Logically it is necessary to write well, and do it quickly, but if you are worth it you can start working from day one in specialized companies such as Nuria Masdeu.

Also sign up for free at Upwork, ListVerse, iWriter or Textbroker. In some cases the clients ask for a job and the editors set the price, and in others you can offer your services to be hired.

Finally, a third option is to proofreader. That is, read texts and correct spelling mistakes, poorly or poorly written sentences, typographical errors, etc.

Normally it is more valued that you have a career in letters, but it is not strictly necessary, if you master the language.

Operators and cleaning in remote locations

Washing dishes in a restaurant doesn’t pay much but … What if you have to wash them on an oil rig, or on a science base in Antarctica?

There are cleaning employees who win 60,000 euros a year for working on an oil rig.

You have to give up things, but working in remote locations raises your salary without the need for experience.

Real estate agent

Now what the sale of houses has begun to recover in Spain, and is even returning to record highs, it is a good time to become a real estate agent.

It requires no experience and you can earn a lot of money from commissions.

But beware, it does require intuition, patience, and many social skills: charisma, sympathy, people skills, the ability to convince, the ability to find the right home for each client, etc.

Police, Army, Civil Guard

Professions associated with the State security forces they do not require experience, and they are well paid.

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It must be clear that in order to obtain the position you have to pass tough training and education courses, But if you beat them, you get the job with no prior experience.

Freelance photographer

Today there is high demand for images, because a lot of multimedia content is generated that needs photos: web pages, online advertising, apps, etc.

You must be clear that there is a lot of competition, because nowadays even mobiles already take professional photos.

If you want to buy a drone with a camera, this market has not stopped growing and it is becoming easier to find a model at your fingertips. We show you the best.

If you are good at photography, you can upload your photos to photographic sales services, and you put a price on them. Some of these services also allow you to participate in subscription systems. Fee-paying customers can download photos for free, and the author receives a certain amount for each download.

You can try on specialized websites such as Twenty20, Gettyimages, Dreamstime, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Snapwire, or iStock.

Air traffic controller

Is one of the highest paying jobs, and you can access it without experience.

Like other jobs we’ve mentioned, It requires training courses, passing theoretical, practical, medical and psychological exams.

But if you pass them, you can work as an air traffic controller without previous experience, and earn more than 100,000 euros a year.


Today everything is influencers, youtubers, tiktokers Y streamers. But the reality is that video-based social networks are saturated.

Many influencers are returning to the old blogs, web pages dedicated to tips, recipes, DIY or lifestyle that continue to give a lot of money, without suffering the wild competition of TikTok, Twitch and company.

The Web Reader’s Digest tells the story of Kate Sorensen, a housewife who enters $ 100,000 a year with home advice websites like

In blogs, income does not come through visits, but through advertising, or through links affiliated with products that are used in tips, recipes, cleaning tricks, etc.

Graphic illustrator

Similar to photography today countless projects require a graphic illustrator, from applications or games to web pages, company logos, social media professionals …

If you are good you can earn money from day one, without previous experience. But you should keep in mind that it is also a profession with great competition.

One of the best known logo design websites, DesignCrowd, claims to have more than 700,000 freelance graphic designers in portfolio, and each job offer gets between 25 and 100 proposals, so the competition is brutal.

Another option you can try is 99Designs.

Veterinary assistant

A Veterinary assistant take care of help the head veterinarian and prepare the animals for consultation, treatments, operations, etc.

Demands pass a training course and have skills such as extreme patience with animals, but you can start working as a veterinary assistant without experience.

The salary in Spain is round the 1,300 – 1,500 euros.

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Purchasing advisor

Many executives, influencers, and people with money, very busy, They don’t have time to go shopping, or choose their own clothes.

A personal shopper or purchasing advisor is in charge of choosing the clothes, perfumes, home decoration, and other orders of his clients, taking care of everything. From the choice to the purchase itself.

These assistants also choose gifts, and even advise on vacation destinations. The most sought after earn high salaries without having to work too hard.

We have seen 10 Highly Paying Jobs You Don’t Need Any Experience.