The first thing they throw at the viewer in the chapter For All Time. Always (1×06) by Loki (Michael Waldron, 2021), the Serie from Disney Plus about the God of Deception that Tom Hiddleston always plays in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they are diverse voices from his superhero past and ours; and spatial images that will be beautiful to those who love television documentaries such as Cosmos: A Personal Voyage (Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan and Steven Soter, 1980); and its continuations, A Spacetime Odyssey (Druyan and Soter, 2014) and Possible Worlds (Druyan and Brannon Braga, 2020).

But, at the same time and just as they left us expectant in the previous episode, Journey Into Mystery (1×05), we appreciate that they do not take almost anything to go to the point to solve the great enigma of this strange space-time adventure.

The moment of truth in ‘Loki’

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For a composition of Kate herron what clearly bet on suspense, well underpinned thanks to the Natalie Holt soundtrack, it insists on a simpler rotating plane than the ones we liked so much in the preceding chapter and uses repeated approaches and reversals, it makes us anxious for it.

The explanations that Michael Waldron must give us about what happens, why and the identity of the character behind all this are not few; so we discover that For All Time. Always it is a very discursive episode, with that verbiage characteristic of Loki himself but, from what we see, not only his own. Because one would say that the loquacity of the villains, or of their variants, in the face of such an attractive opportunity as that of telling their great breads is a rather irresistible temptation; nor can it seem strange to us that they love to listen to themselves.

We can still remember the lip of the playful Agatha Harkness and her slyness in WandaVision (Jac Schaeffer, 2021); And the truth is that, in that sense, we are not disappointed by the new intervention of Loki. The pity, not very important, lies in the understandable decision of the script and montage of interrupt the fundamental conversation and move us to other relevant focuses of the plot. Maybe Michael Waldron and Kate Herron think that For All Time. Always it would become a bit monotonous if you spent many minutes focused on resolving concurrence.

The tragedy of narrative honesty

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But it is on similar occasions when a film writer shows how juicy and eloquent his dialogues can be; and for this reason we are not bored for a second of that very long sequence of poisonous talk in the failed Damn bastards (Quentin Tarantino, 2009).

On the other hand, the behavior of Loki and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) in the face of the very serious dilemma that arises for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for its tragic coherence and by not betraying in any way the foundations of their particular natures, it is an unquestionable and overwhelming narrative honesty. Not for that, however, is it prevented from causing us sincere sadness, or precisely for that reason; like giving us a very moving moment.

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But we must not expect fireworks in this sixth chapter on Tom Hiddleston’s God of Deception, who flees in a very conscious way from a trepidation similar to that of the conclusions of WandaVision and above all, Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Malcolm Spellman, 2021). What is significant here is the intriguing of the story itself, not the only fight choreography. And that tremendous final chill that ends up leading us to a second season from Loki.

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