Thanos’s brutal revenge against his parents

Thanos’s brutal revenge against his parents

Thanos has gotten some sweet, brutal revenge on his parents in recent Marvel comics. We tell you the whole story here!

The biggest secret of The Eternals has already been exposed. How do you pick up in ScreenRant, Thanos He has just learned the shocking truth about his parents… They are alive! In number ten of the series of marvel comicsthe mad titan He decides to take brutal revenge on his parents for having tried to kill him and subsequently abandoning him. He kills them several times in his search for answers when it comes to knowing how to rebuild his body. However, the parents of the purple giant refuse to give him the answers he is looking for. No matter how much torture he puts them through, the truth sticks with them!

He has murdered them over and over again to find answers!

At number ten The Eternalsfrom Kieron Gillen, esad ribic, matthew wilson and Clayton Cowles, Thanos discovers that his parents know the secret to return his body to its natural form. That’s why he wants to go see them to get that information. Marvel Comics’ Mad Titan goes on a rampage after meeting Mentor and for that he kills him. She does it over and over again. drug it is later revealed that Thanos has also killed his mother as many as five times. He has not taken the news of his parents well, the truth.

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They also have to remind him that his parents will live as long as the Earth continues to exist. So, he tries to threaten them by telling them that he will kill thousands of innocent earthlings if they don’t give him the answers he seeks. However, they refuse to listen to the reasons of the Marvel villain. While Thanos wants answers from his parents… it’s also true that he’s taken intense pleasure in killing them over and over again. After all, his mother tried to kill him when she saw him being born. So this is the cold, cruel, violent, brutal and satisfied revenge of the purple giant. What do you think?