Test Mercedes A 200, always a wise option

Test Mercedes A 200, always a wise option

The Mercedes A-Class is already a classic in the vast majority of urban environments, since its sales figures are not negligible for a premium compact of this caliber. We have risen to the A 200 together with its gasoline engine and 163 CV. Under practically all aspects: a winning horse.

Mercedes put all the meat on the grill with the rebirth of the Class A during the already distant year 2012. At that time, we could all see how that urban utility with the appearance of a small minivan was transformed into a more than successful compact segment C. During All the time that reborn Class A lasted, the brand could boast of reaching record sales figures for the premium model. That was not left behind and In 2018, the star firm launched the new generationwhich presented a more mature car in all aspects, taking the A-Class one step further than what was previously successful.

What is still the current generation of the Mercedes compact is close to its mid-cycle update, the so-called restyling that we will be able to know in just a few months. Precisely for this reason we have seen fit to know everything that detonates about its most complete gasoline engine, the Mercedes A 200 and its four-cylinder block powered by gasoline and capable of delivering 163 hp. Will this be as recommendable as other mechanics that we have already seen?

Aesthetically we could say that the Class A is already an “old acquaintance”

Certainly, the Mercedes Class A is a model that we at Motor.es know remarkably well, since with it we have been able to analyze other engines such as the A 180d, the A 250 and the more explosive A 35 and A 45 S, we even have a comparison with its most fervent competitors, the BMW 1 Series and the Audi A3. The Class A has always been a winning horse and a success for practically all possible cases. Of course, we are also dealing with a car that does not enjoy being particularly affordable, so it falls short of what we can expect from a car that easily exceeds 30,000 with ease.

In terms of aesthetics and interiors, we all know well what the Class A presents to anyone who is interested in the model; a design that continues to feel very current despite the evolution of the 4 years that it has been with us, and an unmistakably Mercedes aesthetic. The same thing happens inside, where the finishes are more than correct in most of the panels, except for the distressing exaggerated adoption of the little-loved piano black, a material that will be impossible to keep clean and that, additionally, scratches remarkably easily. Instead, it incorporates other materials such as polished steel or alcantara that are as good to the touch as they are to the aesthetics.

When it comes to technology, this can be as complete as your portfolio allows.. With the access finish (called Progressive in this mechanical variant), the A-Class incorporates a much simpler and smaller double screen (instrumentation and infotainment). If we want to install the most generous panel system with a size of up to 10.25 inches, we will have to select the so-called Premium Package, which has an extra cost of 3,118 euros. As I say, Class A does not shine because it is especially affordablebut in return we will have the most advanced system in its segment: the MBUX never disappoints.

Test Mercedes A 200, always a wise option
In the passenger compartment, its MBUX system stands out, the best on the current market.

As for interior space, Class A has quite loose front seats where we will not miss extra centimeters, nor holes to store objects, since of these we have in the door panels, a double space in the center console, as well as the classic glove box itself. If we go to the second row of seats, this will not be a major problem either, since being the longest model of its rivals is directly diverted in favor of a more generous space for both the second row and the trunk itself. About the latter, the Mercedes Class A has a minimum capacity of 370 liters that can be expanded to 1,210 liters if we lower the second row of seats, in a 40:20:40 layout; for those occasions when visits to the furniture store are complicated.

But let’s get to the heart of the matter: its mechanics. This Mercedes Class A welcomes under its hood the engine block of four cylinders in line, moved by gasoline and from which a total of 163 CV is extracted at 5,500 revolutions. Along with this, a 7-speed automatic gearbox called 7G-DCT, this can be incorporated as an option since it mounts a 6-speed manual gearbox as standard. Its motor power will always be diverted to the front wheels, since in order to enjoy an A-Class with all-wheel drive we will have to go to much more performance-and expensive variants.

Driving test

The Mercedes A 200 is not a car with which we can look for the specific dynamic drawback. Absolutely. His general development is more than good. Remarkable in the vast majority of situations. Its driving position is low, which leaves a very good view of both the information transmitted by the digital instrument panel, and the exterior of the car itself. In addition to this, at the moment in which we exercise the proper driving of the car, all the interior controls remain at the driver’s hand, although in case of not wanting to stretch the arm, The infotainment system can be controlled as desired from the right steering wheel control itself or via the trackpad located on the center console..

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Test Mercedes A 200, always a wise option
370 liters of cargo capacity makes it one of the largest in its segment

In another term of things more focused on the field of pure driving, the Class A provides a good contribution of comfort to its occupants, whether they are positioned in the first or second row. In urban environments the compact moves with agility and easedetermining quite comfortable consumption for the number of steeds it has under the front hood, since Exercising a completely normal driving in this environment the general average will not be beyond 6.5 liters. It is possible that for cities like Madrid we can indeed miss some type of electrical solution that results in the insertion of the DGT Eco label, with a view to being able to move freely throughout the interior territory. This solution could well be enough to incorporate a 48-volt system, although it is possible that we can see this soon in an imminent restyling of the model.

One of the determining systems in many cases will be their electronic aids. These can help make our driving safer, but also, on certain occasions, present themselves as a real inconvenience since they can become quite intrusive and even give us more than one scare, especially if we talk about the lane keeping assist system. An adjustment and a set-up of these would come “to the hair”.

The Class A, like most Mercedes, has a dial located on the center console (Dynamic Select) and through which we can select the driving mode that we believe is most convenient depending on the moment. These modes will be: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual. The first adjusts all the components of the model to present more restrained consumption, exerting changes at lower revolutions or bringing out the so-called “candle effect”. In the case of Comfort mode, it will be the one that is established by default every time we start the car and will prioritize driving focused on comfort. The Sport will adjust all the parameters to give the best of itself, while in the Individual we can configure it to our personal taste.

Test Mercedes A 200, always a wise option
The comfort and ergonomics of its seats is outstanding

At the moment when we start the four cylinders of the A 200 it certainly makes itself heard quite loudly, although once the revolutions stabilize it becomes quite silent, so much so that sometimes you can make the mistake of pressing the starter button to start it. even though it is already running. However, the sound of the engine block will be heard and noticed enough at the moment in which we exceed a medium range of turns, giving the feeling of little refinement in this aspect or a fairly fair isolation. However, other rolling or aerodynamic noises are hardly perceptible on any of the roads on which we circulate.

Despite this small “but” said sound is not ugly or unpleasant, but rather the opposite and can exercise, together with the power delivery, a mutual combination that results in greater sporting sensations, although it will certainly not be more than that: sensations. The A 200 is not a car that was conceived to be sporty, since its fate is comfort and practicality on a day-to-day basis, something that meets with honors. Despite this task, together with the new -and current- generation of the car, gained an extra in poise and consistency when taking a curve layout. Its greater endowment of centimeters in its dimensions makes it a compact that knows what it is doing at all times.

On expressways, the A 200 does everything it has to do well: provide comfort to its occupants and present correct consumption. Of both things this Mercedes can boast and boasts. Although our idea is to face long and tedious trips, we will not have that feeling of heaviness, tiredness or fatigue; its seats correctly wrap each type of physiognomy and the driving position itself will prevent our arms from getting tired of going over the steering wheel rim. Of course, all this under consumption figures that will rarely rise above 5.5 liters. Recall that under the hood houses a 1.3-liter gasoline engine that delivers 163 hp. It is impossible to find a fault in this aspect.

Test Mercedes A 200, always a wise option
The Mercedes A 200 will always be a correct option

About your average consumption figure, at the time the car test ended after several hundred kilometers traveled on all kinds of environments or roads, it was set at just 5.7 liters. For what he plated for Mercedes and his good know-how on this mechanic, as well as in most general sections of the car. Recommendable? Of course, but as long as you are determined and willing to make a significant outlay when it comes to getting one. Its catalog of extras is extensive and quite striking, so adding inexpensive options to a car that in itself does not have low price levels can become a real pain in the wallet.