Tesla leads sales of electric passenger cars in Spain

Tesla leads sales of electric passenger cars in Spain


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The American manufacturer Tesla leads the sales of electric passenger cars in Spain, the French Peugeot those of the plug-in hybrids, the Japanese Toyota those of the hybrids and the Romanian Dacia those of those powered by liquefied gas.

The electrified vehicle market does not stop growing in Spain and it will not stop growing in the coming years, thanks to the fact that the Climate change and energy transition law states that in 2023, at most, all Spanish cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants must have a low emissions zone at those that will only be able to access the least polluting vehicles.

This favors vehicle purchases with environmental labels General direction of traffic “Zero emissions (pure electric, hydrogen and plug-in hybrids with a minimum zero emission autonomy of 40 km) “and”ECHO (plug-in hybrids of less than 40 km of autonomy, hybrids, vehicles powered by natural gas or LPG) “.

According to the employers’ association of vehicle manufacturers Anfac, the registrations of electrified, hybrid and gas vehicles (cars, quadricycles, commercial and industrial vehicles and buses) increased their sales in November by 21.2% compared to the same month of 2020, to 28,859 units, of which 27,137 Registrations were for passenger cars.

Alternative vehicles outperform traditional vehicles for the first time

For the first time, according to the employer’s data, the sales of these alternative vehicles, with a market share of 35.5% in November, manage to exceed the sales of gasoline (34.5%) and diesel (29.9%) vehicles.

If the period analyzed is extended, from January to November, the registrations of these vehicles have increased by 67.4% compared to the same period in 2020, to 276,625 units. In the case of passenger cars, their deliveries have shot up 69.3%, to 265,251 units.

Analyzing the figures by used propulsion technology, the registrations of electric vehicles in the eleventh month of the year were 3,251 units, 50% more than in November 2020. Its share of the total market was 4%.

Those of plug-in hybrids amounted to 4,402 units, 44.4% more and a weight in the total market of 5.5%. In the case of ECO label, 1,557 gas vehicles were sold (29.5% less than in November 2020 and a 1.9% share) and 19,047 hybrids (20% more and 24% share).

Tesla, the undisputed leader

Tesla is the one that takes over the electric passenger car market. Of the 2,773 (48% more) who enrolled last month 248 were from the Tesla Model 3 (476.7% more), 229 units of the Peugeot 208 (126.7% more), Kia Niro 210 (98.1% more), 144 of the Renault Zoe (26.5% less) and 121 of the Fiat 500 (5.950% more).

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In the first eleven months they have been commercialized 20,183 electrical (48.3% more). The Tesla Model 3 accumulates 2,420 units (161.3% more), the Kia Niro 1,511 (137.5% more), the Renault Zoe 1,078 (46% less), the Peugeot 208 reaches 964 (16.3% less) and the Fiat 500 to 913 (45.550% more).

Plug-in hybrids are a Peugeot thing

Peugeot is the one that sells the most plug-in hybrid passenger cars in Spain. Of the 4,396 (44.7% more) in the month of November, 400 are from the Peugeot 3008 (227.8% more), 260 from the Kia Xceed (101.5% more), 238 from the Hyundai Tucson (it’s new), 215 the Mercedes-Benz GLC (54.6% more) and 175 of the Renault Megane (18.2% more).

Until November, of the 38,402 registered (128.4% more) 3,719 correspond to the Peugeot 3008 (231.4% more), 1,669 to the Kia Xceed (158.3% more), 1,544 to the Mercedes-Benz A-Class (85, 3% more), 1,326 to the GLC (340.5% more) and 1,313 to Volvo XC40 (65.9% more).

Toyota is hybrid

Toyota continues to lead in hybrids. Of the 18,697 sold in November (22.3% more), 1,684 (16.2% more) were Toyota Corolla, 1,596 are Toyota C-HR (24.6% more), 1,506 are Nissan qasqhai (it is a new generation), 1,195 are Hyundai tucson (22.4% more) and 947 are Toyota yaris cross (just launched).

From January to November, hybrids accumulate 194,516 units (69.5% more): 15,372 are from Toyota Corolla (10.1% more), 13,520 ofl Toyota C-HR (20.2% more), 13,147 ofl Fiat 500 (230.3% more), 10,914 of the Hyundai tucson (113.5%) and 8,585 of the Toyota yaris (51.3% more).

Liquefied petroleum gas is from Renault and Dacia

Of the 1,269 units (13.7% less) sold last November of Gas (LPG + CNG + LNG), 531 were of the Dacia Sandero (5.8% less), 298 of the Dacia duster (34.8% more), 157 of the Renault Captur (130.8% more), 150 of the Renault clio (30.8% less) and 68 of the Seat Arona (11.4% more).

In the first eleven months they agglutinate 12,141 units (5.1% more): 6,142 the Dacia sandero (97.1% more), 1,526 the Renault Captur (180% more), 1,347 the Dacia duster (5% less), 1,113 the Renault clio (37.8% less) and 555 the Dacia Lodgy (36% more).