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Tesla includes scanning potholes and bad roads to avoid them

Tesla includes scanning potholes and bad roads to avoid them

The latest software update intended for vehicles with adaptive suspension will allow it to scan road conditions and reconfigure the suspension accordingly. Models like the Tesla Model X and S will enjoy this functionality.

Tesla has confirmed that the latest update to its software includes a scanning roads to identify potholes and asphalt in poor condition.

This functionality is directly related to the autopilot system and the old aspiration of the American brand to be the first to achieve a fully autonomous car.

And it is that, to get to that point, the vehicle must be able to manage multiple variables, among which are uneven surfaces or potholes of consideration that can alter the effectiveness of the system.

Tesla wants to take advantage of the existing fleet of Autopilot-equipped vehicles to capture the data that allows the neural network to handle it appropriately.

adaptive suspension

Currently, two Tesla models incorporate adaptive suspension: the Model S and the Model X. These are the ones that will enjoy this new software that will scan the road and create a map with which to predict its irregularities.

Thanks to that, the adaptive suspension will be able to vary its parameters to adapt to the road. It is a functionality announced in 2020 and that has just become a reality.

The suspension control software will allow it to be adapted to irregularities in the terrain.

“Tesla’s adaptive suspension will now adjust ride height for an upcoming rough section of road. This adjustment can occur in various places, subject to availability, as the vehicle downloads approximate road map data generated by Tesla vehicles, ”says the manual notes of the latest version of the software developed by Tesla.

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“Instrumentation will still indicate when the suspension is raised for comfort. To enable this feature, tap Controls Suspension Adaptive Suspension Damping and select the Comfort or Auto settings»enlarge.

Tesla is not the only brand that has experimented in the field of surface scanning to adapt the suspension to the circumstances. others like Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and BMW have also introduced similar systems.

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