Tesla imitates Apple and stops delivering electric cars with charging cable included

Tesla imitates Apple and stops delivering electric cars with charging cable included

Tesla has decided to imitate the strategy of a technology giant like Apple. Tesla brand electric cars no longer include charging cables. This absolutely necessary kit is sold separately. Cables that, in the best of cases, exceed the €300 barrier.

An equipment that cannot be missing in an electric car is the mobile cable to carry out the process of recharging the battery. That is why, traditionally, this hardware
It is included as part of the standard equipment. Nevertheless, Teslaone of the reference brands in the field of electric mobility, has decided to imitate the strategy of a technological giant such as Apple and stop including this equipment as part of the car purchase.

Tesla will stop delivering electric cars with charging cable included. Charging cables for Tesla models they are sold separately. The charging kit included in Tesla cars has evolved over the years. The brand led by Elon Musk came including a level 2 charging cable and a connector for a standard level 1 outlet. Later, it was decided to offer only the cable for a normal outlet as standard.

Tesla’s best-selling electric car is the Model 3

Tesla electric car charging cables sold separately

The brand believes that usage among owners was too low to justify supplying the charging cable with every new car delivery: “Usage statistics were very low, so it seemed like a waste. On the (minor) positive side, we will be including more plug adapters with the mobile connector kit,” Musk said.

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Being a fully electric car, although the statistics are correct and most users do not use mobile cables frequently, it is extremely useful to keep them as part of the equipment so that they can be used if necessary.

After knowing this information, what has aggravated the concern among new clients is the fact that charging cables are out in the Tesla online store. They appear as out of stock in the United States and Spain. Therefore, at this point, those who start receiving their new Tesla without charging cables will have to look for other alternatives if these “official accessories” are still not available.

The information to which a specialized American media has had access indicates that this decision also affects confirmed purchases but where the vehicle has not yet been delivered. Therefore, the clients would have processed an order in which this equipment was included, but in the end it will not be delivered.

Charging cable for Tesla electric cars
Tesla passes separate charging cables for its electric cars

The price of charging cables for Tesla electric cars

Tesla offers its mobile charging cables from €340 for the most basic model, the universal mobile connector Gen 2. It is six meters long and allows a charging power of 16A/32A. A step above is the mobile connector with cable to enjoy a maximum charging speed of 11 kW. This charger, priced at €590, is compatible with three-phase charging through a higher power red socket.

Source: Electrek