Set your three most important tasks

Every morning, before starting your work day, think about the three things that you must achieve that day and write them in your agenda. Let them be your common thread for your entire day.

Do one thing at a time

In the era of multitask, we have become people who start everything and finish nothing, or who want to cover so much in such a short time that they do not give the best of themselves. It is difficult to focus on one thing, especially if you are part of the corporate world and you have to respond to many people. However, it helps to be honest with the degree of priority of the things that are asked of you, and attend only what is urgent at the moment.

Do not be afraid to get rid of thing

The trash can – whether physical or digital – is your friend. Throw away everything you no longer need. Remember that having unnecessary things to organize is just a waste of time that also makes your space feel more saturated. Similarly, save everything that you are not using at the moment.

Use your agenda

It is amazing to see how many diaries are almost blank after a couple of months of use. Don’t be from that club and use yours every day to jot down your event dates and to-do list. If you use a physical calendar, consider also having a digital version that syncs across all your devices.

Think beyond your work

Life is more than a job, and if you want to be organized, you need to do the same with your time away from the office. Use all of these resources to get your social commitments, housework, and anything else that takes up time and space in order.

Learn to say no

Before wanting to look good to others, choose to look good to yourself. Don’t get into commitments that don’t excite you or that take time away from something important. Learn to say no (and from the first moment. This way you save having to find excuses to get away).

Be the girl with the down

If you are a visual person, set color codes on your calendar to minimize your search times. Assign a color to indicate urgent things, one to indicate things that depend on someone else, another for birthdays that you have to remember, another for purchases … look for the criteria that work for you.

Be flexible

A common mistake is to assign a due date or deadline or specific to each pending, and although it seems like a smart idea, that is not going to do more than stress you. If you don’t HAVE to go to the supermarket on Wednesday, don’t write it down on your agenda that day. Learn to manage a timeless to-do list. Leave your calendar for fixed activities, like project due dates or birthdays.

Control your technology

Sometimes it seems that technology was born to enslave us and not to help us. Email notifications keep coming? Turn them off or set them to appear less frequently. This way you will better concentrate on your task at the moment.


Don’t be the king of micromanagement. Trust that others know how to do their job and stop trying to figure out the things that don’t belong to you.