When we talk about an advertising service, two things come to mind; banners everywhere and targeted advertising based on our usage data. However, the advertising from Telegram it will be different and totally focused on your commitment to privacy.

Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram It had already announced a few months ago that it needed to find ways to finance itself so that its messaging platform would continue to work, so it would start with channel advertising, and that was the step that the company took today.

Telegram and its advertising on mass channels

At the moment only the public and mass channels will be the only places where we will see advertising. This means that there will be no banners when opening the application or when speaking in a particular chat, or in a group of friends or family.

The channels with more than 1,000 subscribers will be the ones that will host the advertising through sponsored messages, so you will not see banners as in other types of applications.

These sponsored ads will be limited to 160 characters, and it will be prohibited to promote texts that speak of: sexual, graphic or shocking content; violence, hatred or harassment; misleading advertising; political or election announcements; bets; misleading or harmful products; medical products and services or drugs; drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or fast food; weapons, firearms, explosives or ammunition; SPAM software, malware or hacking and products of questionable legality.

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Each sponsored message must link to a bot or channel of Telegram, that is, it is not allowed that the links in the advertising redirect outside Telegram. Likewise, each user can invest the amount of money they want for each sponsored message, but the minimum cost for sponsored messages will be 2 euros, about 47 pesos at the exchange rate.

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The promise not to mine user data

Telegram has been very clear, at no time will user data be mined to offer targeted advertising, so all users will see the same message within a massive channel.

On the other hand, the company promised that soon there will be new ways of financing, so that users who wish to will be able to pay for exclusive functions, while there will also be a function that will allow them to pay for not seeing this type of advertising.

Telegram has not offered more details about these additional paid features, so their release date remains a mystery.