TeddiTerri is Kitana in a Mortal Kombat cosplay

TeddiTerri is Kitana in a Mortal Kombat cosplay

Fighting games usually have female characters with very interesting designs and one of the oldest is Mortal Kombat with Kitana, because it has a very attractive appearance that hides a brutal bestiality. the cosplayer TeddiTerri featured one of the best Kitana cosplays we’ve seen in a long time, bringing the fighter from Mortal Kombat.

The first time TeddiTerri presented her Kitana cosplay was in the second half of April, when she did a test wearing a costume of the deadly Mortal Kombat fighter with a small dynamic for her followers who wanted more similar photos. This dynamic was fulfilled and in a matter of hours TeddiTerri presented the following photos in her Kitana cosplay.

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Kitana is one of the most popular female characters in Mortal Kombat, but while the fighter might look pretty on the outside, her mask hides a terrifying visage with teeth capable of tearing you apart. Although TeddiTerri’s Kitana cosplay leaves Mortal Kombat gore behind, the result is spectacular.

Within a week the cosplayer posted new photos in her Kitana cosplay, but the next few were from a professional shoot that show us the fighter in a new light. TeddiTerri’s Kitana cosplay was very well received, but since then we haven’t seen any more photos of her playing this Mortal Kombat character.

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Although TeddiTerri has only been active in the cosplay scene for a little over half a year, in that time we have seen high quality cosplays like her cosplay of Kitana from Mortal Kombat. Of course, this is not the only one, so if you liked TeddiTerri’s style, I recommend that you see her cosplay as Morrigan Aensland, the fighter from DarkStalkers.

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