Techland is nowhere near showing us Episode 6 of Dying Light 2 Know

Techland is nowhere near showing us Episode 6 of Dying Light 2 Know

All Dying Light fans will be able to delve deeper than ever into the long-awaited video game, this will be tomorrow Thursday, as Techland will present the sixth and final episode of its online program Dying 2 Know. For the latest episode, they’ve saved a lot of long-awaited information about Dying Light 2 Stay Human, starting with the 4-person co-op experience and of course a new gameplay video!

One thing that strikes us as quite striking is that, for the last time, Jonah Scott, the voice of Aiden Caldwell, along with his co-host Leah, will take you on an incredible journey with great news and in-game materials prepared for this final episode of D2K. But, the Techland surprises prepared for you do not end here yet.

To dispel all the doubts of the fans, during this episode of D2K you will have the opportunity to see the comparison of the previous and current generations of consoles. You can watch the final episode of Dying 2 Know on Twitch this coming Thursday at 9:00 PM CET / 12:00 PM PT (2:00 PM Mexico City).

The world premiere of Dying Light 2 Stay Human is very close, so make sure you haven’t missed any episodes of the Dying 2 Know series or if you’re really dying to find out more about the video game, make sure you keep an eye out for the exclusive interview episodes.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human, published by Techland, will be released on February 4, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and during 2022 on Nintendo Switch (Cloud Version). The game can be purchased in advance through the official page for pre-purchase.

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All pre-purchases will come with a Digital Reload Pack and the Reach for the Sky Pack, featuring exclusive one-of-a-kind paragliding outfits, weapons, backpack and skins, featuring a unique outfit, weapon and paraglider skin. The Reach for the Sky Pack has been created in collaboration with Rosario Dawson (The Mandalorian, Sin City), who plays Lawan, a key character that fate connects protagonist Aiden with during his journey.