Microsoft Teams meetings have become almost a daily routine. Despite the fact that telecommuting has given way to hybrid work, meetings through Teams are still a daily thing. Now the Redmond giant after allowing meetings to be recorded will allow them to be easily erased so they don’t take up space.

Goodbye to storage hijacked by Teams meetings

Recorded Teams meetings occupy a lot, the chosen format compresses very well, but the duration of the calls makes it impossible for these meetings to not occupy practically 1GB on average. If we start adding daily meetings we find that this can be a problem.

While these videos are helpful, they do not always need to be maintained for a long time. After a few weeks, companies may want to delete old files as meetings become stale or irrelevant. This will be easier with Teams later this year, as the service will soon have the option to automatically delete meeting recordings.

The characteristic will work with meetings saved to OneDrive or SharePoint. Administrators will have the option to choose how long it takes before meetings are dropped, presumably including that they are never deleted.

It is very interesting to have detected this problem before it can become a real headache for companies. The ability to automate the deletion of meetings is very interesting since meetings only make sense for a while. There comes a time when it is not interesting to have them and automation makes work much easier for IT staff You can set a policy for removing these.

Microsoft continues to fine-tune Teams so that potential competitors like Zoom, Facebook, Slack or Google they cannot offer an equal alternative. In addition, as we have already indicated, a major update is expected that will substantially improve the performance of the application.

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