We had been waiting a long time for Microsoft to incorporate encryption into calls. Teams is a business tool and it was inadmissible that the calls were not encrypted, among other things because of the professional secrecy of the calls. Now has announced Than this feature, end-to-end encryption is available in the preview.

End-to-end encrypted calls finally come to Teams

End-to-end encryption offers maximum connection security by leaving no room for trouble. It is the encryption of the information at its source and the decryption at its destination without intermediate nodes along the way. Microsoft Teams will support an option to use End-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Teams 1: 1 ad hoc VoIP calls, allowing users to pass sensitive information such as passwords more securely.

IT staff will have the control to decide who has access to E2EE within Teams in a company. A new policy will be added and it will have a parameter to enable E2EE for individual calls. By default, it is disabled, allowing administrators to have full control of the implementation of this feature in your organization. E2EE encryption can be enabled for the entire organization or only for a subset of users.

If enabled, the user will see the E2EE option in their configuration as shown, by default it will be disabled until the user activates it. E2EE calls will only support basic calling features like audio, video, screen sharing, chat. While advanced functions like call escalation, transfer, recording, merging, etc. will not be available.

This encryption will only work when both the caller and the caller have enabled E2EE. The feature will be available on desktop and mobile clients and not on the web.

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