Teaching our children to say ‘no’ is essential

Teaching our children to say ‘no’ is essential

Nov 30, 2021 at 4:47 PM


Maria Dotor


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Date and Time: June 7 at 10:00 p.m. peninsular time.

It seems paradoxical, right? We spend our lives asking our children to listen to us, protesting their rebellion, and now we title an article saying that it is important to teach them to say no. Yes, and it is not that it is important, it is fundamental. It is about teaching our children to express their needs, set limits, and all this without harming others. This skill is known as ‘assertiveness’, and it will allow our son to respect others and respect himself. Being able to say no and defend your own point of view, without submitting or submitting to anyone. assertiveness and how to teach this skill to our children we are going to talk in tonight’s program, but also about the power of conversation, about the values ​​that are implicit in knowing how to maintain a good conversation (respect, empathy, patience, kindness & mldr;). And it is that, although communicating is the second task that we do most frequently in life, after breathing, we pay little attention to both. Probably because they are apparently easy tasks, we do them without thinking, with inertia. However, as yoga practitioners claim, mindful breathing is a source of well-being and happiness. The same goes for communication. Conscious communication can help us solve most relationship problems that we have with others, including our children. And teaching our children to communicate well will also help them in their present and future relationships. Communicating is also listening, although many times we forget to do so. Communication is only such if it is shared. Therefore, it requires a great deal of listening. Active listening.That communication is increasingly important in all areas of life is a sign of progress. The quality and sophistication of communication are two characteristics that distinguish us human beings from other living beings. Let’s take advantage of this quality, let’s use it wisely. Let us put it at our service and help our children to use it as a tool that allows them to have better relationships with others and with themselves. Communicating well is an art. An art that we can and must teach them, and the keys to do so will be obtained in the ninth of the 10 programs of this online event that has the collaboration of the PONS FOUNDATION and PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE under the B de BLOK label.

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