Teacher turns to Bad Bunny and Rosalía to teach literature classes

Teacher turns to Bad Bunny and Rosalía to teach literature classes

A teacher from has gone viral on Twitter after revealing that, As part of his strategy to teach Literature classes, he turns to Bad Bunny and Rosalía.

There is no doubt that in the world of education, there are various methods to ensure that students have good results; various branches of the discipline, even, have their own methodologies, very different from each other and that have the objective of getting the best out of the students.

Each teacher or teacher uses their own resources and teachingsas well as his own experience to ensure that his students achieve positive results in their school journey.

Although there are very rigorous methods, there are others that, with a much lighter strategy, achieve the same purpose and there much depends on the skill of the teacher to ensure that the student is not left behind.

There are many examples and, in fact, social networks have become, for some, a great space to capture the attention of students; however, as we mentioned, each educator has their own tools to make a class more bearable.

They give literature classes using Bad Bunny and Rosalía

This is the case of a Literature teacher who, as part of her strategies to connect with her students, resorts to two personalities who have little or nothing to do with the academic world: Rosalía and Bad Bunny, two of the most popular artists in the present.

And it is known that, at present, both personalities are among the most recognized in the world of music and, without a doubt, a reference for the new generations.

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Bad Bunny, in particular, we know that he is the most listened to singer on platforms like Spotify and YouTube.while the Spanish Rosalía has a very solid fan base to such an extent that, in Mexico, her upcoming concerts at the National Auditorium have generated great excitement.

Proof of this is what a literature teacher has done, who, as part of her teaching method, used both artists to exemplify her classes.

“What do I get to do literature from the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th centuries with a student body who doesn’t like literature? No problem,” the teacher wrote on Twitter.

In addition, in his tweet, he shares some images in which he explains the Renaissance genre using both Bad Bunny and Rosalía as a reference. To mention an example, makes a comparison of the painting “The Birth of Venus”, by Sandro Botticelli, with the cover of Motomami’s album, the most recent of Rosalía.

In the same way, he makes a comparison between the Valencian poet Ausias March with the Puerto Rican artist, creator of songs like “Yo Perreo Sola”.

Of course, the tweet has gone viral and is generating a long conversation, where comments of all kinds are read, such as: “The purest and most honest admiration and respect for you”; “I would have loved to have had a teacher like that”; “In bad taste, biased and distorts the spirit of the period explained”, “But what aberration is this? Be careful with the generation of morons that is coming”.

Let us remember that this year, in Mexico, Rosalía and Bad Bunny will offer a couple of concerts for their fans; the Spanish will perform in August, at the National Auditorium, while the Puerto Rican will do the same in December, with two dates at the Azteca Stadium.

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