Tayvix cosplay as Maron in a yellow swimsuit

Tayvix cosplay as Maron in a yellow swimsuit

No doubt Dragon Ball Z is one of the most important anime of the last century, but something strange is that one of its most popular characters appeared very little. Of course it’s about marona character that we rarely saw but inspired countless cosplayers like Tayvixwhich became her cosplaying a yellow swimsuit.

Maron is an ex-girlfriend of Krillin who appeared very briefly in the Dragon Ball Z anime, but somehow became so popular that cosplays of the character continue to crop up, many years after her debut. In Tayvix’s case, the popular cosplayer became Maron almost a year ago.

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We first saw Tayvix playing Maron back in March of last year, when she performed a beachy shoot in Maron’s signature yellow swimsuit. Although Maron and Bulma may look alike physically, the attitude of Krillin’s ex-girlfriend is very different from that of Goku’s friend, as she is carefree and enjoying what life throws at her.

A couple of months later, the cosplayer shared an alternate look at her Maron cosplay, celebrating that summer was upon us and with it the urge to hit the beach. Since then we have not seen Tayvix playing Maron again, but his publications were very well received by his followers and fans of Dragon Ball Z.

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If you like Tayvix’s cosplay as Maron from Dragon Ball Z, probably her future Trunks female version cosplay will also be to your liking, as it presents a very original version of this popular Z warrior. In the meantime, I invite you to visit the Tayvix nets so you can appreciate the rest of her cosplays.

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