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Tanning with sugar cane: how is it done and what are its advantages?

Tanning with sugar cane: how is it done and what are its advantages?

To show off tanned skin, you no longer have to go to the beach and even less go to a UV tanning booth. A natural technique that uses sugar cane is becoming popular for its effects.

Tanning with sugar cane: how is it done and what are its advantages?

Last update: 03 April, 2022

There are many self-tanning techniques, but few, like sugar cane tanning, are beneficial for the skin. This alternative guarantees a look tan without exposing yourself to the sun or enter a solarium.

Information from the American Academy of Ophthalmology highlights the dangers of artificial tanning and prolonged exposure to UV rays, which often lead to consequences such as eye damage, allergies, immunosuppression, premature aging and skin cancer.

Although there are more and more places specialized in modifying the complexion with radiation, it is interesting to look for natural and less compromising options.

What is sugarcane tanning?

This is one tanning technique containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a substance from sugar cane that reacts on the surface of the skin and transforms keratin without activating melanin. A magazine article Offarm points out that, due to their action and absence of toxicity, formulas with DHA are relatively safe.

It is supplied by spraying the lotion with a spray. In a few minutes the DHA is activated and the appearance changes. This method is a quick and safe way to look more toasted.

The results disappear within a week. Then you can repeat the procedure. If you want to extend the color a little more, avoid exfoliations and keep the skin hydrated.

benefits of sugar cane

sugar cane is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and anti-inflammatory. The concentrate of this plant improves the activity of cellular telomerase, which is associated with physical aging.

In addition, the species inhibits melanin pigmentation and its organic agents provide softness, shine and hydration. These components improve the appearance of the dermis, although the use of creams, lotions and other cosmetics made from cane are contraindicated for people suffering from skin disorders such as recent wounds, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Sugarcane tanning is contraindicated in patients who have psoriasis.

How is tanning done with sugar cane?

this tan It is applied in a beauty center with a gun to spray the substance. The procedure takes 15 minutes and after 4 hours of spraying the effect begins to be noticeable. The steps are the following.

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1. Cleaning

Go without creams, makeup or perfumes. The use of such products on the day of the session prevents correct dyeing. If you go wearing them, before starting you must go through a make-up removal process.

two. peeling

Once the skin is clean, you continue with the peeling face and body. The goal is to get rid of dead cells so that the dihydroxyacetone is distributed evenly, without leaving imperfections.

With an express shower they remove the formula used for the peeling and wait for the body to be dry.

3. spraying

You walk into a spacious room and you stand to receive the cane tan. You change position while the beautician presses the spray gun, which can be adjusted to optimize results.

4. Drying

It is necessary wait a few minutes for the body to dry before getting dressed. Fulfilling all the phases, the results will be successful.

Advantages of tanning with sugar cane

The main advantages of the cane concentrate technique is that does not activate melanin and does not produce internal reactions or effectswhich would happen with other self-tanners or with prolonged exposure to the sun.

In addition, other advantages are the following:

  • Acts only on the superficial layerso you reduce the chances of allergies.
  • After a few hours you can go to the beach or go out with necklines.
  • The result is immediately noticeable.
  • It is suitable for all skin types, even with vitiligo. Although it does not match the tones, it achieves a soft blur.
  • Its application is quick and painless.

If there is any point against him, it is that to be so splendid, he does not last long. With the intention of extending the pigmentation, it is better to avoid swimming pools, due to the bleaching action of chlorine.

The chlorine in swimming pools is capable of accelerating the loss of the tan with sugar cane.

Precautions before and after tanning with sugar cane

If you want to temporarily darken your skin with sugar cane, you need to consider the following recommendations:

  • Wax the areas to tan.
  • Exfoliate days before treatment.
  • Keep the body dry for the first 9 hours.
  • Avoid chest sprays if you are breastfeeding.
  • Use nail polish or glitter to avoid staining them with the tan.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing that does not rub against the skin on the day of the procedure.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limits that tanning lamps and tanning beds promise golden skin, but pose serious health risks.

On the other hand, tanning naturally increases the chances of suffering erythema, burns, itching and dryness. This is how the organic components of sugar cane stand out among the most requested for a splendid and safe beach tan.

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