Take-Two praises the FIFA brand a lot

Take-Two praises the FIFA brand a lot

As is known by now, Electronic Arts and the FIFA have ended their agreement to continue creating soccer video games, something that will surely dismay more than one fan of the series. However, the sports brand assured that titles with the name we already know will continue to be launched, but the developer will be a totally different one.

Thus we arrived at an interview that the medium IGN had with the boss take-two, strauss zelnick, in which it was confirmed that the company has no plans to announce at this time, but it would be interesting to expand the plans for sports games. That is clearly an indication that they want to make football titles, and just to finish he strangely praised FIFA.

Here is his statement:

We are definitely interested in expanding our opportunities in sports, and FIFA It has a great brand and incredible influence, but we have no current plans to discuss.

Considering that take-two It has important sports franchises such as NBA 2K, WWE 2K Y PGATour 2K. ANDhe logical step would be to see if they want to join the market for goals and kicked balls. But it is likely that we will not know about the subject until after a long time, since there is still a last release of FIFA In collaboration with EA by the end of the year.

In related news. Electronic Arts confirmed the new name that its soccer games will carry in the following deliveries, a name that speaks directly of the brand handled. If you want to know what this nickname is, we leave you a link for you to find out directly.

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