Take-Two is aware of the complaints in Read Dead Online

Take-Two is aware of the complaints in Read Dead Online

It’s been quite a while since Red Dead Online it hasn’t had any updates for some reason, and this has led players to think that the game might end its features in the next few years. However, one of the executive directors of Take-Two Interactive confirmed that he was aware of the situation with this current content shortage.

The video game has not received a new substantial update since July 2021. bloodmoney, added new heists, clothing items, and a host of short-lived battle passes. Prior to that, updates were a bit rare for this release, which could imply that some thought was given to RDROnline it was not planned to have much life.

This is what he mentioned Strauss Zelnick, CEO Take-TwoRegarding the topic:

I have heard the frustration. It’s flattering that RDO players want more content, and Rockstar will say more in due course. RG will talk about the upcoming updates, we are working hard on it.

On the other hand, the medium IGN asked the exec if they planned to extend the life of the title long-term, similar to how they’ve done with big releases like GTA On-line. He replied that this longevity is within the company’s plans, but as with previous statements, not a single detail was given in this regard.

For now, users REV they can be happy, given that there is no plan to kill the game, at least for the next few years, although things may change when the next strong game of RockstarGames. However, update information is going to be scarce until the team decides to take the step towards innovative content.

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Via: Kotaku

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