Take Control Ultimate Edition for PS5 for less than 20 euros

Take Control Ultimate Edition for PS5 for less than 20 euros

Control has not been as cheap as it is now: only 19.95 euros.

It is a promising year for all users of Playstation 5, as there are many interesting releases. However, the PS5 catalog has great games to its credit that you cannot ignore, such as Control. Remedy Entertainment’s latest game has received more than 80 awards, in addition to the good appraisal of specialized critics, and now it is at a ridiculous price on Amazon. Control Ultimate Edition for PS5 reaches its historical low for 19.95 euros with a 51 percent discount. Take the opportunity!

If you haven’t played this action adventure yet, now is the perfect time to enjoy your ps5. Especially Control is a game that takes advantage of the benefits of the new generation of consoles with a amazing technical section, visual and sound effects that will leave you speechless. This edition has a usual price that exceeds 40 euros, but it is possible to buy Control Ultimate Edition now for only 19.95 euros. It has never been so cheap and you will discover a fascinating history as only the creators of alan wake they know how to do

Control Ultimate Edition has a scandal price on Amazon

Jesse’s powers, one of the key elements of Control.

The game was released in 2019 and was undoubtedly surprise of the year. It is an action game that takes place in the Federal Bureau of Control, a clandestine agency of the US government that investigates supernatural altered world events. Here he appears on the scene Jesse Faden who will try to clarify what has happened, while familiarizing himself with his own supernatural powers to fight and move around the wide stage. Controller Ultimate Edition includes the main game and all expansions launched (“The Foundation” and “SMA”) in a single package at the best price.

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Control has not been as cheap as now, so it is a unique offer for PS5. The game does not have a discount for the rest of the platforms, so this edition is very cheap for only 19.95 euros on Amazon. It’s currently 51 percent off, and that means you save 21.04 euros total. Are you going to miss it?

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