A pet is increasingly important for its owners, so today we show you how you can keep an eye on it, thanks to a security camera.

Of all kinds of sizes, colors and species, the pets They have managed to win the affection of people around the world, since they usually accompany their owners for years, either in their best and worst moments.

According to the study of “Pets, family and Covid-19” carried out by the Universidad del Valle de México with the Laurate Public Opinion Center where the percentage distribution of households with pets in Mexico during 2020, the dog manages to dominate the preference of Mexicans with 84 percent preference, in second is the cat with 37 percent, in third place are the birds Y birds with 14 percent, in fourth fish, in fifth the hamsters and 8 percent other types of pets.

It is due to the high love for pets that various companies have managed to find in consumers a good growth opportunity by offering different products for all types of pets, which sometimes may not be so necessary, but are still well received.

According to a survey carried out by the financial services platform Coru and the market research company Brad Engagement in February 2020, the approximate monthly amount that the population spends on their pets (on food, toys and other accessories) is less than one thousand pesos by 45 percent, from one thousand to two thousand by 41 percent, from two thousand to three thousand by 9 percent, and 1.3 percent are unaware of these figures.

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Taking into account that currently there is a high variety of articles in which we can invest the “economy for our pets“It would be a good idea to buy some products that actually serve us for a cash watch out of them, and not only in toys so that it is entertained.

Taking into account that people go out more than 8 hours a day (in a good percentage of the population) to go to work or carry out other types of personal actions, the pets tend to stay alone for long periods of time and without surveillance, so if they cause some kind of disaster we cannot find out, because it can even put the very integrity of the pet at stake, a fact that you can avoid thanks to the help of Netzhome.

Netzhome is a brand of technological products that allow the creation of a smart home, thanks to the elaboration of its articles that work when connected to the internet and you can even link with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Among them, we can find some security cameras that will allow you to see what your pet, from any part of the world that has internet, so if it does some damage, you could go to your home and avoid an accident, or tell someone to watch it.

Although, you should be aware of what your pet is doing, you can program a camera to notify you if it detects unusual activity, being a great ally for its integrity (and that of your home).