take an Old Spice Red Reserve

take an Old Spice Red Reserve

Old Spice Red Reserve is the new proposal with which the famous personal hygiene brand increases the experience of its products. This has invariably improved the supply of products with which brands seek to position themselves in the market and not only that, with which they provide the consumer with better experiences.

The segment of personal hygiene products increases its offer with fragrances that seek to innovate in the segment.

Old Spice launches its new premium line: Red Reserve. Perfume or deodorant?

Old Spice Red Reserve is the new line of body perfume and each fragrance is made with a mixture of specific notes that concentrate all the energy and elegance of the wearer, making it the brand’s most premium collection with a fresh and delicious aroma.

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The Red Reserve formula has two presentations: Platinum and Supremacy, both contain more perfume than one. Average Old Spice thanks to DuraScent technology, which keeps the aroma longer and prevents your nose from getting used to its smell.

And if you still haven’t decided if you’re #TeamPerfume or #TeamDeodorant, don’t worry because Old Spice has a kit especially for you, all you have to do is answer the following questionnaire correctly to win one of the five kits we have prepared:

– How many fragrances does the new line of Old Spice Red Reserve?

– What are the fragrances called? Old Spice Red Reserve?

– Which team are you #TeamPerfume or #TeamDeodorant?

Send your answers to onoguez@merca20.com

Trivia valid only for the first five people who submit the correct answers and reside in CDMX or the metropolitan area, since you have to pick up your kit, if you are the winner, at the Merca2.0 offices.

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