Take all your games in digital format on this 4 TB hard drive reduced for only 88 euros

Take all your games in digital format on this 4 TB hard drive reduced for only 88 euros

Currently almost everyone prefers to save all their games in the cloud, but sometimes this can be a risk, it is not a few times where platforms suffer a worldwide crash due to errors on their websites, so if you do not want to depend on them, you can have your games in the palm of your hand. East seagate portable drive It will be very helpful in this task, you can save hundreds of games without any problem to play them with your Xbox whenever you want, This portable disk has a price on Amazon of 88 euros, it has a discount of 37%.

Make a backup with your favorite games, this is a backup that will help you feel sure that your games are safe if a case like the one described at the beginning occurs. With this album too you can make backup copies of your computerso that when the time comes, if there is a problem, it is much easier to access your files and run that backup in Windows.

You do not need to install any separate software to save your games, simply connect it and go, the same if you are going to use it on a computer, connect the disk to the PC, and copy what you need to backup, you can also do this if you want to backup your movies and series, in the end they are 4TB, that is say, it is a great storage space. AND The best thing is that you will be able to access your games, movies, series from any other device compatible with this Seagate portable drivewhich are not few to tell the truth.

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Being a device with the ability to make large transfers at very high speeds, it is normal that you can back up your files quickly and efficiently, it is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors. The latter has the ability to reach a transfer rate of 5 Gb/sthat is, it can transfer a 5GB folder or a 5GB file in a second, that’s how fast this hard drive is when it comes to writing, as you know in this type of device the disk writes and reads at the same time.

This Seagate portable drive is quite compact, so you can take it almost anywhere, even on a trip, if you wish, the space it occupies is very little, you can use a backpack to carry it or a briefcase, everything is up to you, make it more comfortable for you.

This fantastic product, as we said at the beginning, has a cost of 88 euros as it has a discount of 37%, which makes it logical to take advantage of it, they are 4TB, it is a lot of storage capacitynot only for your Xbox games, but for other types of files.

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