Syncope, a new symptom of Covid-19 discovered by cardiologists

Syncope, a new symptom of Covid-19 discovered by cardiologists

Although little more than two years have passed since the start of the current health emergency, there are still many unanswered questions. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has not been able to verify with certainty the origin of the disease. Although there are several hypotheses, none has been recognized as true. Another of the pending items is that of warning signs in patients because it is constantly updated. Syncope is now added to the extensive list as a new symptom of Covid-19.

Modification of discomfort in patients

In that sense, as time has passed, the symptoms have changed. Initially, the first signs to manifest were dry cough, loss of smell, and fever. While at present there is very little left of that painting because now the inconveniences are different.

The same goes for the sequels because the list is getting longer and longer. One of the most complete studies has identified at least 48, although it is feared that in reality there are more associated with Persistent Covid-19.

One of those responsible is the Omicron Variant, which in just over a month has spread throughout the world. It now accounts for just over 80 percent of new infections due to its high rate of transmission. And although its mortality is lower compared to others like the Delta, in no way can it be said that it is not dangerous.

What has surprised the most is that its manifestations are closer to those of a common flu picture. With this in mind, there are no longer low levels of oxygenation in the blood but sneezing and conjunctivitis.

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medical case report

All this leads to syncope as a new symptom of Covid-19, although it has not yet been identified with a particular variant. Sustenance is an article published in the medical journal Ärzte-Zeitung. There is mentioned a particular case that was treated in a Berlin hospital.

What is mentioned is that a young man came to consultation because he had suffered constant fainting during the last 10 days. The first thing that stood out was that his heart rate initially increased to 110 beats per minute while he was standing with no change in his blood pressure.

As described, after a few minutes the rate decreased to the point of pronounced bradycardia. Shortly after the dizziness begins and finally the fainting.

Physical examination revealed bilateral basal rales in the lungs, an elevated temperature of 39°C, and a tachycardia of 107 beats/minute. While when performing the test to identify SARS-CoV-2, it was positive.

According to the team of cardiologists who treated the case, syncope is a new symptom of Covid-19. What still cannot be verified is the reason that triggers each one.

On the other hand, since the end of last year there has been suspicion of a possible relationship between the two. Even in the United Kingdom, it has been proposed to cancel the driving license of certain patients with Covid-19 because this symptom could be fatal if it occurs while they are behind the wheel.