Sydnee Kate in the most charming Hinata Hyuga cosplay from Naruto in Bikini

Sydnee Kate in the most charming Hinata Hyuga cosplay from Naruto in Bikini

The cosplayer community has great affection for many of the characters that appear in our favorite anime and manga series, that is why we can often see how various artists and models from around the world present us with creations worth seeing our favorite characters in. real life, today the theme revolves around the anime of Naruto: Shippūden.

On this occasion we will delve into an alternative aspect that allows us to see a more provocative version of the beloved female character of Hinata Hyuga, who has a dress and an appearance worthy of her most striking side that was shown to us in the Naruto anime, more specifically in his version of Naruto: Shippūden, but in a bikini.

Best of all, this characterization was done by the beautiful cosplayer model Sydnee Kate, also known as xsydkate, on her official Instagram account, where she often uploads content that will leave more than one of her fans speechless, and This cosplay recreation of Hinata Hyuga, we really loved it.

Sydnee Kate shows us a charming version of Hinata Hyuga with great daring, which leaves room to appreciate the beauty of the model. In fact, a slightly uncovered Hinata is shown, with the kunai in her hand, as well as her ninja belt under her neck. This is the indoor version of kunai! the model mentions in her Instagram post.

As you can see, the photo is very well done and makes excellent use of light, limiting the saturation of colors, but still highlighting the accuracy of Hinata Hyuga’s character-inspired bikini. Other details are also nice, such as the hairstyle and the eyes, which immediately return to those of the original character, although with a little more freedom.

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