Swipe Party, your friends will help you choose your next date on Tinder | Technology

Swipe Party, your friends will help you choose your next date on Tinder |  Technology

The most famous dating app on the internet is working on a new feature that will allow your friends to help you choose a partner. Although the traditional way is something that does not need a new tool, this addition does need code and work.

Tinder is working on a new feature called Swipe Party that will allow you to invite your friends to help you look for dates. That is, what you already do when you meet at the bar for a drink but remotely.

The feature wouldn’t be much different from Apple’s SharePlay, which lets you watch with friends via FaceTime on compatible apps like Disney + and Hulu.

The idea of ​​Tinder is that you can invite your friends to your dating app so they can help you choose a partner (reminder: it always goes wrong).

This addition comes many years after friends around the world have been helping since the beginning of time for your single colleague to choose a good partner.

In times of COVID it is true that the addition can be very useful, since it is not as easy to meet friends as before. Although that is why we tell you that the same thing comes somewhat late after two whole years of a global pandemic.

If you do not know how to enter to flirt on Tinder, we will explain how its application works and what you can do to meet people and have dates on Tinder.

The Dutch site Gratisdatingtips was the one that discovered this function in the application code that has not yet been officially announced, Although Tinder has already confirmed that it is up and running.

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The code snippets show that Swipe Party lets you invite your friends to join a session providing your phone number, confirming it with a code, and then entering your name and date of birth.

However, if you want help, you will need to give them access to your phone’s camera and microphone.

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Tinder recently allowed users to add videos to their dating profiles, and parent company Match recently promised to introduce other audio and chat features in its dating apps.

Even if Tinder confirmed that the function was in development, we do not have more details.