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Suzuki develops technology to reuse small lithium-ion batteries

Suzuki develops technology to reuse small lithium-ion batteries

Suzuki has developed a new technology that allows small lithium-ion batteries to be reused with the aim of giving them a second life when they are no longer valid for the main use for which they were conceived. The ingenious reuse of these components extracted from electrified vehicles is already making it possible to light up streets in Japan.

The transition process towards electric mobility is generating a whole series of challenges for the automobile industry. One of the determining keys is related to batteries. And not precisely by improving existing technology to market electrified vehicles that offer superior performance, which is crucial, we refer to the recycling and/or reuse of these components once they are no longer valid for the main task for which they were conceived.

suzuki has developed a very interesting technology that aims to reuse the lithium ion batteries used in its electrified vehicles. A project that has been presented in distant Japan and that highlights the possibilities to extend the useful life of these components even if it is not performing other types of tasks. Now, what new use has Suzuki found for its batteries? The proposal is related to solar energy.

Suzuki has found a second life for small lithium-ion batteries

Suzuki reuses lithium-ion batteries for solar street lights

Under a non-profit program using the net surplus generated from Japanese vehicle recycling fees, Suzuki has developed a technology to reuse small lithium-ion batteries in solar street lights. Some batteries come, logically, from electrified vehicles with light hybrid technology (MHEV).

The batteries used in this project had been discarded and, according to the company, still had a useful life ahead of them. This technology makes it possible to reuse these components, which are quite expensive, to store the energy captured by a solar streetlight and later use it for lighting. In each of the solar streetlights installed by Suzuki there are a total of ten of these batteries.

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Suzuki also says the technology will pave the way for efficient utilization of small lithium-ion batteries that will increase in the future. And what is equally relevant, this technology developed by Suzuki will be open to the public as a product of non-profit activity and, therefore, favor its deployment, in this case, by Japanese territory.

Solar street light with reused lithium ion batteries
Solar street light equipped with reused lithium ion batteries

In recent years we have been witnessing the presentation of the strategic electrification plans of the great giants of the automotive industry. The roadmap established to enter the incipient era of the electric car includes in most cases what will be the second life of lithium ion batteries or, the recycling process to recover the main materials and its subsequent reuse in the manufacture of new batteries. As Suzuki has shown, lithium-ion batteries used by electrified and/or 100% electric cars can have a new life as energy storage in certain cases.