Sustainable smart tiny houses with a futuristic design for 45,000 euros

Sustainable smart tiny houses with a futuristic design for 45,000 euros

The Prefabricated houses it is an upward trend as a solution to house prices or as an alternative to having a second residence. Now, it comes to Spain Cube 2, a design and sustainable tiny house that costs about 45,000 euros in exchange.

This prefab house consists of a single portable module measuring 24 square meters which costs about $ 50,000, and which has been put up for sale by the company Nestron House.

This tiny house is designed in detail to be comfortable, but also safe. It has been made of steel and top quality materials to guarantee the security, even in case of earthquakes, or fire, since the outer wall material has a fire resistance of more than 2 hours, while the inner wall has a fire resistance of more than 1 hour.

To ensure absolute comfort, and according to the manufacturer, the walls also have a acoustic isolation greater than that which can be enjoyed in five-star hotels. The house also has thermal isolation thanks to a double insulation wall technology that includes intermediate layers, or a unidirectional breathing layer that allows to reduce the interior humidity. And it does not need a foundation to be installed.

Tiny houses

In addition, the house is fully sustainable, since 90% of the materials used in its construction process are recyclable, and it has solar panels so that it can be self-supplied. An important detail so that it can be installed on a plot without electricity connection, or simply to save on electricity bills at a time when the price of electricity is absolutely skyrocketing.

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Apart from the futuristic design of the exterior thanks to its curved and organic lines, inside there is a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms with built-in wardrobes.

Tiny houses

Both the furniture and the appliances are compact to optimize space. And how could it be otherwise, the houses are home automation, incorporating voice control systems, and smart toilets or mirrors can be added.

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