Super Sonic was going to come to Fall Guys: Free-to-play Season 1

Super Sonic was going to come to Fall Guys: Free-to-play Season 1

Tuesday June 21 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout became free-to-play and started its first season under this model, called Free for all. The season pass this time includes Assassin’s Creed, Fall Guys, and Godzilla botargas, but a leak revealed that there was also going to be one of Super Sonic.

Earlier in June, SEGA announced its collaboration with Mediatonic to bring Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, with botargas coming to the game sometime in August. However, it seems that Super Sonic’s botarga was previously planned to arrive in the game with its first season, as evidenced by a render that the leaker showed. @FGPancakes.

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On May 24, the leaker FGPancake showed what was going to be the render for the Season 1 Pass of Fall Guys: Free-to-play, in which we see Super Sonic’s botarga next to Ezio’s botarga Auditor from Assassin’s Creed. However, in the official render Super Sonic’s botarga was replaced by that of a Crewman from Among Us.

It’s already confirmed that we’ll see Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles botargas, so there’s a chance that Super Sonic’s botarga will also make its way to the game as part of this collaboration. However, it is also possible that the Super Sonic skin is part of the Fall Guys Season 2 Pass: Free-to-play.

Meanwhile, we can only wait for an official announcement from SEGA, since they have not revealed the Sonic-inspired Fall Guys level that will come to the game, which was also leaked by FGPancakes and is called Bean Hill Zone.

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