Strengthen your abdomen with the farmer’s steps

Strengthen your abdomen with the farmer’s steps

There are many ways to improve your training. For example, walking can be very beneficial to any of us, especially when done with hand weights. No, don’t walk hard; we are talking about the farmer’s steps. Here are the benefits of the Farmer Walk and its benefits.

What are the farmer’s steps?

The Farmer’s Steps, also known as a Farmer Walk, Suitcase Walk, or Carry Steps, is a type of general strength exercise in which you hold a heavy load or weight while walking in a straight line. It seems pretty basic, right? Well, the basics are not always unhelpful.

It is an extremely simple, but effective exercise. All you need is one or two weights and some space to walk from one side to the other. You can even use household items like water bottles or a suitcase full of books if you don’t have weights. This not only improves specific areas of sports but also helps address weaknesses in your daily life.

The Farmer’s Steps is also a functional exercise because it replicates a daily activity for many people. It is the same as having heavy food after shopping, traveling with a heavy suitcase or transporting a child in a baby carrier in and out of a car. All of these are considered farmer’s steps in nature.

How do you go on a farmer’s walk?

Form and execution are what you should focus on when performing this exercise. There are always risks when lifting heavy objects, which is a main aspect of the farmer’s steps, so you must lift heavy objects in the proper way. If you’re already injured, it’s best to test yourself with bodyweight exercises first to make sure they don’t cause pain before adding heavy materials.


  • Rotate your hips and bend your knees to lift the weight off the ground.
  • Use your legs (not your back!) To lift the weight and get back on your feet.
  • Hold the weights by your side with your arms straight. Two weights will put more attention on your traps, while one weight will add a challenge to your obliques to stabilize. You can bend your free arm into a fist to help you balance.
  • Stand tall with your shoulders back and down, your chest slightly down, and your pelvis slightly tilted forward with a posterior pelvic tilt.
  • Then slowly walk forward with the weights.

When doing the farmer’s walk, it is important to stand tall with good posture and move slowly with integrity and intention. This is not an exercise where you try to run or fast walk because posture is important here, and when you go too fast your mechanics can start to change.

What muscles do you work?

This exercise may seem like it works the arms because they hold the weights, but it actually loads the core and legs and works primarily in these areas. It’s great for general strength before more sport-specific workouts or explosive workouts, as it strengthens most of the body. And since it’s done while walking, it’s a highly functional exercise that can improve postural stability and core strength.