Streamers are surprised by a Fortnite hacker who can fly

Streamers are surprised by a Fortnite hacker who can fly

The hackers they keep terrorizing FortniteAs streamers Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop have encountered a cheater who could fly in addition to using aimbot, leaving both streamers speechless. Fortnite has dealt with many cheaters since its launch and the introduction of the new Chapter 3 is no exception. Despite the efforts of Epic Games and anti-cheat technology to help combat cheaters, they continue to take advantage of the popular battle royale and its players by continuing to find new glitches, exploits and even somehow managing to buy online hacks like the one. aimbot and God Mode for easy wins.

Chapter 3 of Fortnite It was recently released with new add-ons, mechanics, and a completely new map with distinctive POIs. Like the previous seasons, the first season of the chapter includes a collection of new content that includes characters, cosmetics and new game mechanics such as sliding, rolling and a tent system, which can be used to store items, regenerate health and rest. However, this new system is believed to be an easily exploitable Fortnite mechanic, as players have been abusing it to quickly obtain Mythic weapons at the start of each match, and the exploit has yet to be fixed.

Captured during a livestream, content creators Ninja and CouRage were shocked after being killed by a hacker which seemed to be flying around the map. During the video, the duo, alongside SypherPK and Wildcat, can be seen playing as a squad before bumping into the hacker, who is seen using aimbot and hovering above the sky for easy kills. Shocked after being eliminated, CouRage and the rest of the team observe the cheater shown with no username, but taking damage and playing like a rookie. Finally, the game ends with the hacker flying into the storm and dying, leaving the team laughing, as not even the hacks were able to save the cheater.

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Epic Games has become increasingly vigilant when it comes to cheaters, and it’s more than likely this new one. hacker receive a permanent ban if caught. Although the harshest penalty is expulsion from the title without the possibility of reinstatement, Epic Games has also taken action against players of Fortnite that evade cheating prohibitions, restricting any additional accounts created by a sent off player. Glitches and exploits also fall into the same area, so players are advised to review the guidelines to avoid future penalties.

Epic continues to hold its stance against cheating in Fortnite and hopefully it won’t be long before the flight hack is permanently banned. The same is likely to be true of any other player trying to use similar cheats and aimbot. Chapter 3 has just begun, so casual gamers can hope that there won’t be a new wave of cheaters in the coming seasons, and that those trying to dominate the arena with cheats will be treated accordingly. Fortnite’s anti-cheat system isn’t perfect, but hopefully Epic will keep stepping in to make the game fair to everyone.