Stranger Things reveals how the Upside Down portal was created

Stranger Things reveals how the Upside Down portal was created

It was a long wait, the one that fans of the series stranger things they had to face, but after almost 3 years, finally Netflix brings back the strange world of stranger thingsa curious series where we can witness supernatural events that have focused on the fictional city of hawkinsIndiana, the place where a portal that connects the city with the dark dimension of the Upside Down.

And now, three seasons behind us, viewers have finally been given a ton of clues about the city’s history and how it relates to Upside Downand although it has not been until Season 4the Volume 1 of the series, which is now available at Netflixwe have learned how this portal was opened in the first place, so pay attention.


WARNING, this note contains several Spoilers for Stranger Things and Season 4 – Volume 1, so read at your own risk.

Let’s start with the fact that the series has let us witness since the first season of stranger thingsthat hawkins housed the Research laboratory of hawkinswith its upside-down portal allowing the monstrous demogorgon to terrorize the small town, then during the season 4in the Episode 7we could see how raise (Millie Bobby Brown), is the ultimate culprit in opening the portal.

And it is that, it is just in this episode, when a flashback to a time before the season 1in which the young raise finds herself engaged in telekinetic combat with Henrywhich is now better known as neighborwho while offering her the opportunity to escape, having contact with her manages to free her from her collar that held her powers, but that leaves the interdimensional crack open.

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Then, raise learning that Henry has a plan to end humanity, he unleashes the full weight of his powers in hopes of thwarting his plans, but back then, his powers are so strong that apparently not only “eradicate” Henry completely, but disintegrates him in front of her, but it really doesn’t, it just opens a portal to the Upside Downmysteriously emerges in the facility right in front of her, trapping Henry.

It is clear how raise not even the researchers of the installation know how he achieved such a feat, as well as how to close the portal, this is how this event is so traumatic that the own raisewhich apparently erased him from his own memory, as he required special equipment to remember the traumatic incident, which also restored the powers he lost at the end of the season 3.

So it could only make things more complicated, since while it seemed that Henry was killed, he was only transported to the Upside Downand his years in the alternate dimension transformed him into the monster known as “neighbor” throughout this season, who comes full of thirst for revenge.

Given the raise is responsible for opening the portal, it remains to be seen if he will ever be able to close the portal in hawkins permanently or if the entrance will require more drastic measures to secure it, which is what we will find out during this great season of the series of Netflix.