Stranger Things explains how the Upside Down portal was created

Stranger Things explains how the Upside Down portal was created

The season 4 from the series stranger things is already available in Netflixand his new villain, neighborwill provoke a series of new threats rivaling the power of raise (Millie Bobby Brown), as she seemed to be not only a physical threat, but also possessed supernatural abilities.

Now, if we talk about the previous threats in the series, they have been much more monstrous in nature, so many of the fans have had questions on how neighbor influences the new season, his connection with Upside Down, hawkins and other characters in the series, to which fortunately, the Volume 1 of the Season 4 has offered quite a few answers about the character’s origins.

What you are about to read includes spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 – Volume 1

Much of this season neighborappears sporadically in hawkins and kills several victims using telepathic abilities to contort his victims into devious poses, before returning to the Upside Down, and this appears to be thanks to him appearing to share a connection with raiseespecially since the paths of this pair crossed many years ago, since both were subjects of experiments of the dr brenner (Michael Modine) at the research facilities of hawkins.

Now, thanks to a series of flashbacks, the audience finds out during the Episode 7about what neighbor was originally an orderly who looked after raise as a child, before the events of the first season of the series, so in a certain way they created a kind of friendship, with which neighborseems to want to try to help raise to escape, prompting her to use her abilities to remove an implant in her neck that dampened her powers.

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for later, raise unleashing his power when he goes on a rampage at the research facility and kills a lot of the other test subjects with his abilities, that’s why all the other subjects getting numbers instead of names as it all seems to indicate that he was the subject of experiment One of dr brennerhis first test subject at the facility, and victim.

To which eventually, it is revealed that his name is Henry Creellwho moved to hawkins with his family when he was a child, and that after he grew tired of humanity and began to invent a way to use his telepathic powers to find freedom, to which he does by killing his mother and sister, crimes for which he blames himself to his father and for whom he is imprisoned, only for after Henry be hospitalized and eventually be placed in the custody of the dr brenner to become One.

So, in cases like raise Y Onethey have a showdown with his telepathic powers, resulting in Henry apparently dies, although in reality he is banished to the Upside DownThus, during the time Henry in Upside Downhis body is disfigured in horrible ways, so with his years inside the otherworldly realm watching him come up with a plan to continue terrorizing hawkins and possibly fulfill his initial goal of annihilating humanity.