Stranger Things 4 debuts with good ratings

Stranger Things 4 debuts with good ratings

Next Friday, May 27, the fourth season of stranger things to Netflix. However, some people have already had the opportunity to see the new production of the streaming company. Thus, the first reviews are now available, and we have good news.

With a rating of 91%, the fourth season of stranger things debuts with a “fresh” production on Rotten Tomatoes. This initial reception is the result of 23 reviews, which praise elements such as the story, the performancesthe way 80s popular culture is used, and more.

This was what Comicbook commented:

“It suffers from some problems early on, but once the series finds its groove, it takes the horrors to new levels and deepens Hawkins’ complex story.”


For its part, Entertainment Weekly mentioned:

“New locations, compelling new characters and a rewarding expansion of the mythology give the new season of Stranger Things a jolt of joyful energy, just when the series needed it most.”

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Similarly, IGN has noted:

“Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1 is the most ambitious show in every way, and that ambition works a lot more than it doesn’t.”


However, not everyone is happy, as IndieWire has mentioned:

“Season 4 seems to have been designed to produce good data rather than quality entertainment.”


The first part of the fourth season of stranger things will arrive on Netflix on May 27, 2022. On the other hand, the conclusion of this season will be available until July 1. In related topics, here we tell you how long each episode of this season will last. Similarly, the Monopoly of the series contains several spoilers.

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Editor’s note:

The fourth season of stranger things It could well be the best yet, or it could be a reflection of how Netflix’s system works, thus creating fatigue on the part of the public who, perhaps, are already tired of a known formula. However, this is most likely not the case, and everyone is happy with the new adventures of Mike and company.

Via: Rotten Tomatoes