What to give this Christmas that is good, nice and cheap? Stradivarius They make it easy for us, and that is because the fashion firm launches a new perfume collection perfect to surprise anyone these parties. Formed by four new scents, this collection called Be a poem it is an ode to the most ethereal delicacy. Feminine, sensitive and creative, this new collection promises to intoxicate our five senses.

Orchid vanilla eau de toilette nº44

If you are one of those who loves perfumes with vanilla touches, this has been created for you. Delicate, subtle and very simple, the orchid notes give it a unique aroma. It comes from the gourmand family.

Stradivarius Be A Poem Collection Fragrances 01
  • Top notes. Gardenia, jasmine, orange, grapefruit, hazelnut and apple.
  • Heart. Rose, thrush, white petal, honey and peach.
  • Base notes. Vanilla, sandalwood, musk and dry woods.

Sparking rose eau de toilette No. 118

There is no more elegant, classic and intoxicating scent than that of roses. This perfume is a sure hit, leaving a pleasant smell and dressing us 24/7 with its most absolute simplicity. Perfect for all lovers of floral perfumes.

Stradivarius Be A Poem Collection Fragrances 02
  • Top notes. Bergamot, black pepper, pear and red berries.
  • Heart. Jasmine, thrush, rose and cedar.
  • Base notes. Musk, patchouli, raspberry and jelly beans.

Fizzy lotus eau de toilette nº167

Lovers of fruity perfumes, this version has been launched for you. With the lotus flower with effervescent touches as the main note, its aroma tries to catch us from the first contact.

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Stradivarius Be A Poem Collection Fragrances 03
  • Top notes. Lemon, apple and tea leaves.
  • Heart. Ginger, lotus flower and peach blossom.
  • Base notes. Cedar wood, musk and amber.

Watery flowers eau de toilette nº38

Bright, sophisticated, cheerful and very captivating. This version has everything to fall in love with, and all thanks to its gourmand notes where magnolia or apple notes stand out.

Stradivarius Be A Poem Collection Fragrances 04
  • Top notes. Apple, mango and pear.
  • Heart. Watery, thrush and magnolia.
  • Base notes. Amber, cashmere and musk.

This new collection is already on sale for 12.99 euros each bottle. Which one do you prefer?

Photos | Stradivarius