Steven Yeun could be the villain of Spider-Man 4

Steven Yeun could be the villain of Spider-Man 4

They are already planning Spider-Man 4 and could sign Steven Yeun to play a Marvel villain.

Steven Yeun became very famous for giving life to Glenn on The Walking Deadbut we have also seen it in ok (2017), Sorry to bother you (2018) and The Humans (2021). In addition, she has lent her voice to animated series such as Bottom 3: Tales of Arcadia, Final Space and invincible. Now, he could take a brutal leap in his career if he joins the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe in the movie Spider-Man 4.

According Giant Freakin Robotthe actor Steven Yeun could interpret Mister Negative on Spider-Man 4. This character has become very famous for appearing in the video game of spider-man from PS4. He is a mobster who combines crime with philanthropy, and his powers are very striking, since he controls the dark force and light force, so it can be seen as a photographic negative of black or white electrical energy. This causes him to be a very tough rival and is feared by other New York City mobsters.

Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) could be the villain of Spider-Man 4
Marvel’s Mr Negative

Will Black Cat appear in the movie?

There are other interesting rumors of Spider-Man 4 who ensure that we will see black cat and you have to remember that this thief already had dealings with Mister Negative. So they can form a very interesting team for the fourth installment of the adventures of peter parker interpreted by Tom Holland. Although it is clear that Steven Yeun He will have a great challenge if he accepts the role, since to date we have seen great villains in this saga and he will have to be up to the task.

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Hopefully they will soon confirm when we can see the new installment of spider-manBut we will have to wait a few years. Given that No Way Home It is currently sweeping theaters and has already grossed more than 1,866 million dollars.