Black Friday comes stomping to the digital platform.

It is well known that all video game stores are putting out batches of deals one after another, resulting in you having access to thousands of titles that you may be interested in. This is something that is present both in Sony with its PlayStation Store, Xbox in its digital store, as well as Nintendo in the eShop. However, not only on consoles are Black Friday offers present, since on PC there are also these offers, especially those of Steam.

Under this premise, Valve’s platform is well known for offers, which, in the past, were an event in themselves whatever the era. Now these are somewhat more common, but that does not prevent fall sales are started in the digital store for PC, these being available for a period that goes from November 24 to December 1, being able to find literally thousands of titles discounted and at the price of laughter. It should be noted that You can access all Steam offers through this link.

Steam Awards nominations and offers; all in one

However, it is not the only thing that the American company has prepared, since with the beginning of these sales the sale has also begun. 6th Annual Steam Awards, in which you can nominate the favorite games of 2021 in ten different categories, thus getting experience and badges for the player’s profile, in the same way that you can get your favorite game takes these honors.

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The participation period is identical to that of the offers, so you will also have until the beginning of December to be able to participate in these nominations. On the other hand, do not overlook that if you are interested in the many offers We encourage you to think about which one to take, since, although this is the strongest period of offers, there may be better ones in the following weeks in the games that are already available or in others that may interest you more.

Also, do not forget that these offers are not only available on PC on Steam, but also The Epic Store is also promoting the titles that are at laugh prices on its platform, some of these being exclusive. Having said all of the above, remember that you should always spend wisely.

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