The last days of November are usually a real terror for the pockets, especially for those who save conscientiously in order to take advantage of the great deals that usually take place because of Black Friday. A practice that, in addition, in recent years has gone from taking place on a weekend to lasting for almost half a month. In fact, more and more companies join this fever of offers (although in certain sectors there is usually some fraud) and, one that has been in charge of great offers for a long time, is the Steam gaming platform.

Steam, for many years, he is used to making great offers at certain times of the year, with Black Friday being one of the most anticipated dates for many people. In fact, on this Black Friday 2021, we can find most interesting offers in the following Steam categories:

Science fiction

  • Portal 2: its price of € 8.19 has an 80% discount that leaves it at € 1.63.
  • Star wars squadrons– A 63% discount turns your € 39.99 to just € 14.79.
  • Titanfall 2: the praised title has a 73% discount that allows us to buy it for € 8.09.
  • Warhammer 40,000 Mechanics: its standard price of € 29.99 drops to € 7.49 thanks to its 75% discount.
  • Jurassic World Evolution: a dizzying 75% discount lowers its price from € 44.99 to € 11.24.


  • New World: the popular Amazon title drops 25%, and can be purchased for € 29.99.
  • The Outer Worlds: The acclaimed Obsidian title is 67% off which leaves it at € 19.79.
  • Sea of ​​Thieves: an attractive 40% discount leaves the title for only € 23.99.
  • Assassin’s Creed Oddissey: With a 75% discount, the Greek lands come down to an affordable price of € 14.99.
  • Death strandingHideo Kojima’s acclaimed title can be purchased for € 17.99 thanks to its 70% discount.
  • Skyrim Special Edition: for its tenth anniversary, we can find this version for only € 13.19, also upgradeable to the Anniversary Edition upon payment.

Visual novels

  • Detroit Become Human: its standard price of € 39.90 has a 50% discount that lowers it to € 19.95.
  • Ace Attorney Trilogy: a 34% discount allows us to get this trilogy for € 19.79.
  • Boyfriend Dungeon: This dating simulator, nominated for the GOTY, is reduced by 15%, staying at € 14.44.
  • AI The Somnium Files: this detective visual novel has a 60% discount that leaves it at € 15.99.
  • The Song of Saya: Whoever is looking for a more disturbing visual novel, this classic, lowered by € 50, costs € 7.49.

Anime and JRPG

  • Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: a 67% discount leaves this attractive Dragon Ball title at only € 19.79.
  • Person 4 Golden: for those who want to continue entering the Persona universe, this title is at € 13.99.
  • Yakuza Like a Dragon: This twist on Yakuza mechanics has a reduced price of € 35.99.
  • One Piece Pirate Warriors 4: With a 70% discount, this title is only € 14.99.
  • Tales of Arise: This acclaimed anime aesthetic JRPG has a 25% discount that leaves it at € 44.99.
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Terror and survival

  • Inscryption: This unpredictable horror title is reduced to 20% to purchase for € 15.99.
  • Resident Evil Village: one of the GOTY favorites, it has a € 35 discount that leaves it for € 51.99.
  • Outlast 2: With an 80% discount, this popular title is only € 4.99.
  • Dead space 3: a 75% discount leaves its standard price of € 19.95 at the low price of € 4.99.
  • Subnautica Below Zero: the sequel to the popular survival has a 25% discount that leaves it for € 22.49.


  • The remastered versions of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II for € 19.95 each, and Dark souls iii for € 29.99
  • Batman Arkham Knight: we can get this title with an 80% discount at only 3.99e.
  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order: This popular title has a 63% discount that leaves it at € 14.79.
  • Back 4 Blood: this cooperative game is with a € 30 discount that reduces it to € 41.99.
  • Red Dead Redemption IIRockstar’s great title is 50% off the game leaving the game at € 29.99.
  • Grand theft auto v: The Premium Edition of GTA 5 can be obtained at the modest price of € 14.79.


  • Hades: one of the best rogue-like of all time that is now available for € 14.69.
  • The Binding of Isaac: Another acclaimed rogue-like that costs a whopping 49 cents.
  • Loop Hero: This impressive title, reduced by 40%, currently costs € 8.99.
  • Curse of the Dead Gods: a more classic title that, reduced by 40%, is only € 11.99.
  • Slay the spire: The popular rogue-like of cards is 40% off which leaves it at € 8.39.


  • Says Legacy: one of the most awarded strategy games this year that, reduced by 20%, stays at € 15.99.
  • Planet Zoo: this title, which has a 70% discount, allows us to buy the game for € 13.49.
  • Cities Skylines: a discount of 75% leaves us this title at € 6.99.
  • Civilization VI: with a discount of 85%, we can find this game for only € 8.99.
  • Hearts of Iron IV: This military strategy game has a 75% discount that reduces it to € 9.99.

We show dozens of the games that are currently on sale on Steam, but there are thousands of more titles of all genres available at a reduced price. For this reason, we encourage you to search thoroughly to find the bargains that interest you the most, since each person has their particular interests. What is clear is that These discounts allow many people to access games that at full price they could not buy, so it is always good news that these deals take place.