With a launch planned for the end of the year, the Steam deck is getting closer and closer, not just to the general public, but to developers. In a recent statement, Valve has revealed that the development kits for this new platform are already on their way to some of the companies with which those responsible for one of the largest digital stores in the current market work.

On the Steam site, Valve shared a message showing their excitement to finally share the Steam Deck with some of the developers in charge of creating experiences for PC. This was what was commented on the matter:

“All packed and ready for developers! This is one of the limited lots of the Steam Deck Developer Kit being sent out to our partners today to test their games. These test builds for engineering verification allow us to have developers test units that are functionally identical to the devices to be released.

As we are still in the late stages of development, the Developer Kit program gives us the opportunity to guide developers through the process of integrating their games into the Steam Deck, while continuing to receive your feedback as we prepare for the game. official launch at the end of the year ”.

Along with this, the following images were shared.

Some of the Steam Deck bundles will finally be in the hands of users later this year, while some people will receive your platform until next year. In related topics, it seems that not all games on Steam will be compatible with this console. Similarly, a Steam Deck with 4K support could be a reality in the future.


Via: Steam

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Steam Decks are almost reaching developers

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