So far there are not few delays that Dying Light 2: Stay Human has suffered, but unfortunately we have just added one more, which means that finally will not go on sale on December 7, as planned for a long time.

In a statement published by Techland, it has indicated that the new date that has been chosen for its publication is February 4, 2022, so we will only have to wait a couple of months more to get hold of this action and survival horror game in which there will be no shortage of stunts with brutal combats, as it already happened with its predecessor.

The company has indicated that the sequel has been completed and as of today the team is running tests to make sure there is no fault. However, in order to polish and optimize the final product, he needs more time to add to finish all these details and thus launch what he considers to be his most ambitious work to the market.

To compensate for this situation, Techland has guaranteed that by the end of September it will provide more information and training materials. Dying Light 2: Stay Human in order to open your mouth until his arrival next year in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.