Starwars bar offers cocktail of 100 thousand pesos”

Starwars bar offers cocktail of 100 thousand pesos”

Thematic restaurants are those businesses that try to impact a specific public, which, being segmented, is limited and generates community, such is the case of coffee shops within Mexico City that alludes to the Lovecraft, Hello Kitty either the Beatlesplaces that focus more on the experience than on the products, which can sometimes be extremely expensive, as evidenced by a bar of starwars that offers a cocktail for 5 thousand dollars (just over 100 thousand pesos).

Star Wars, without a doubt, is one of the most important franchises in the film and television industry, which, according to official data of the franchise, has an estimated value of 70 billion dollarsof which at least 42 million are generated from merchandise and just over 10 million theatrical ticket sales.

Star Wars bar offers cocktail of 100 thousand pesos

With the inauguration of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge marks the largest park expansion in the history of Disneyland; however, this new attraction has generated various reactions not only because of the details and the setting it offers visitors, but for the cost of some of the products. According to what has been revealed, drinks inside this bar are around 12 dollars (241.61 pesos), while the most expensive range from 32 to 75 dollars, (644.30 to 1510), orchestras have been commented that they are accompanied by a couple of souvenirs and commemorative merchandise.

However, this price does not compare to what is offered within the new attraction of the Star Wars universe, since the Disney Wish cruise line has a drink called “Kaiburr Crystal”, It has surprised more than one because of its high cost, since its ingredients are unknown.

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The expensive drink is presented inside a “camtone”, which is similar to the one you can see in “The Mandalorianwhere Din Djarin receives its reward frombeskar”so accompanied by some smoke, the drink of 5 thousand dollars is offered (approximately 100 thousand 552 Mexican pesos), little more than double of what a room costs to live the experience inside one of the firm’s cruise ships, since these are around 2,600 dollars or 55,300 pesos for two people with everything included.

For the fans, having experiences that allow them to get closer to the universes that arise in diverse positive reactions, since in general the possibility of knowing the food, drinks and knowing the places where the hours that marked generations take place, it is the dream of thousands; For this reason, within Mexico City there are places that seek to carry out the dream of the fandom community, either through museums, themed cafes or bars with unique experiences.

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