Starbucks Apologizes for Selling Expired Food in China; will perform inspections

Starbucks Apologizes for Selling Expired Food in China;  will perform inspections

Starbucks, one of the world chains of coffee shops that reached 32.6 thousand stores globally in 2020, it is also a consumer favorite. Recently a registered complaint In China, I tarnish the name of this US-based coffee company.

The middle of Beijing News communication, revealed in an undercover investigation in two of the stores in the Asian country of the American brand, that the staff at that Starbucks were using expired ingredients.

Faced with this complaint that media such as Reuters also echoed, the brand apologized on Monday and said it would carry out inspections and staff training in its approximately 5,400 stores in China.

The apology came from Starbucks through a post on the Weibo social network, where he explained that he has closed the two stores that are located in Wuxi, in eastern China.

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“We sincerely apologize to all Starbucks customers,” says the American chain.

The facts

The complaint from the media Chino revealed that a waiter at one of the Starbucks coffee shops used liquid extracted from expired matcha tea to prepare lattes. While in the other store, cakes were put up for sale that were not fresh and must have been recalled by now.

Given these facts, The company has confirmed in its public apology that the employees of the two Wuxi stores they violated the operating rules.

Furthermore, the Wuxi Market Supervision Administration, has pointed out that, after investigating these two stores, it has also inspected all 82 Starbucks stores in the city.

In its investigations, the agency has discovered at least 15 more problems, including unfinished disinfection records and personnel not wearing work hats.

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