Star Wars: Skeleton Crew series announced

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew series announced

Star Wars Celebration gave its starting signal today, and along with this inauguration, interesting announcements were made that all fans of the galaxy far, far away will love. Among these news, it was reported that there is already a new series of the franchise in development, although this time it is of somewhat unknown characters.

his name isStar Wars: Skeleton Crewwhich goes along the same timeline as The Mandalorian and it will be about a group of ten-year-old children who get lost in the universe. and it is ensured that although the series is about children, it is not a product for them.

The show will star actor Jude Law.

This is what the director mentions jon watts:

It stars four children, but it is not a children’s program.

Something worth mentioning regarding Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, is that its release date is not confirmed for now, it is only said that it will make an appearance until next year. For its part, it will not happen at the beginning of the year, since it is planned to release a season of an already well-known series for the month of February, which is highly anticipated by fans.


This series will be transmitted exclusively through the service of Disney Plus.

editor’s note: Without a doubt, it will be interesting to see Jon Watts working in a new area of ​​his career, thus getting out of the stigma of creating films based on superhero universes. In addition, another factor that draws attention is that of the fear elements implemented.

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