Star Wars and the funny anecdote of Leonardo DiCaprio

Star Wars and the funny anecdote of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, one of the best actors on the planet, reveals a funny anecdote that is related to the Star Wars saga

we all know that Leonardo Dicaprio He is a peculiar type in terms of his love relationships. The protagonist of films as memorable as once upon a time in hollywood, The wolf of Wall Street, Gangs of New York or titanica, among many others, has always been a subject of “mockery” in Hollywood for his romantic preference for models. By models younger than him, of course. However, what we knew about him was his nerdy side and his love for starwars.

Apparently, the American star is a true lover of the galactic saga. But one of those crazy lovers, an ardent fan who likes to share said love with the people he loves and appreciates. And that must have happened to Camila Morrone, former partner of the actor. as they have collected Le Cinephiles, this is the funny anecdote that Morrone lived:

«Leonardo DiCaprio rented an entire theater for the two of us and made me watch all the Star Wars movies. Meanwhile, he was running around with a lightsaber in his hands, pretending he was fighting bad guys.Camila Morrone explained. What a great guy! It’s “uno di noi”, one of us.

He did the exact same thing to Jonah Hill!

To make matters worse, this same anecdote that he had to suffer in his own flesh Jonah Hill. His co-star in The wolf of Wall Street I hadn’t seen the Star Wars series The Mandalorian and Leonardo DiCaprio had to remedy that obstacle in their friendship. Let’s hope they at least had a great evening with Din Djarin Y grog. Who wouldn’t enjoy a good marathon with a critter as beautiful and adorable as Baby Yoda?

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