Star Lord’s new powers may change his role forever

Star Lord’s new powers may change his role forever


the character of Star Lord first saw the light in the 1976 Marvel Preview #4created by Steve Englehart and Steve Gan.

This hero has had several participations in the UCM, highlighting the most recent, which was in the saga of infinity, where he fought against the villain Thanos to prevent him from seizing the gems of infinity and destroying half of the population of the universe. But it was also here that he lost his mind upon learning that Thanos had sacrificed Gamora for the Soul Stone.

Star Lord devised the plan to try to rip the gauntlet off Thanos, which was unsuccessful as his emotions interfered with the strategy he had created.

Over the years the character Star Lord has received several restructurings in comics, regarding his origin story, one of them by Chris Claremont, who made him a conventional superhero with space origins. However, this hero has had a recent modification from the hand of Al Ewing and Juann Cabalreturning him to his original roots, where his powers came from astrology and the twelve houses of the zodiac.

The evolution of Star Lord’s origin story over the years

The only one capable of facing this threat is Peter Quill, Master of the Sun.

In his original story the character of Star Lord was conceived to be chosen the star lord by a being known as the master of the Sun, his powers came from astrology, directly from the twelve houses of the zodiac, however Chris Claremont rewrote his story and turned him into a traditional hero with half-alien roots.

But, in the now canceled Guardians of the Galaxy series, the character was restructured again, returning to the original version. original of the superhero, becoming the master of the sun again, being the bearer of incredible powers, flaunting them when he destroyed easily one of the dragons of the God of darkness Knull in the King in Black event, giving relevance to this connection since Knull was defeated being thrown off into the sun by the Venom symbiote, which seems to be that the evil that is brewing in the sun could be the God of darkness.

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Unfortunately we were unable to fully appreciate the powers of the Master of the Sun, due to the cancellation of his series, but we can speculate that this new threat is a perfect opportunity for Quill to show us his evolutionbecause this enemy focuses on the power supply that Star Lord uses.

In the development of this fight we will realize if Star Lord will have the relevance it requires to stop having a secondary role in the Mavel comics universe.

What is happening in the Marvel Universe of Comics

Thor reveals that a new threat is about to destroy the universe

Thor reveals that a new threat is about to destroy the universe

It has been observed in the most recent edition of Thor, that a new threat is brewing from the sun to destroy the universe, and everything seems to indicate that the only one who can face it is Star Lord thanks to the fact that he managed to dominate full potential of his powers thus becoming the “Master of the Sun.” In the edition of Thor #21the Asgardian God learns that when Jane Foster daring the Mjolnir and Mangog to the Sun to destroy it, it merged with the storm god that resides in the hammer, giving life to the dangerous God of Hammers. But thanks to Odin’s sacrifice, Thor acquired a transformation with which he was able to defeat him. This alludes to the fact that the poisoning that the Sun is suffering may be caused due to a merger with an evil entity once banished there.

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