Stalker 2 development continues after leaving Ukraine

Stalker 2 development continues after leaving Ukraine

This week the team GSC Game World revealed that they have already resumed the development of stalker 2, after having left Ukraine to escape the Russian invasion and to get his employees to safety. Through their Discord server, the developers announced that the work is resumed.

In February of this year the Russian invasion of Ukraine began and since then it had been announced that GSC Game World, the developers of the STALKER games, had delayed the game to attend to more important things such as helping their employees and their families support themselves. as safe as possible.

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At the time, the studio had said they wanted to share new behind-the-scenes footage of STALKER’s development, but their plans were interrupted when the invasion began. Still, they did not doubt that they would eventually continue with the development of the game, although at the time they said that this would happen “after the victory”.

This week, when a Discord member asked the developers if they had resumed development on STALKER 2 yet, he received a reply that said “continue”. GSC Game World had to leave Kyev and move to Prague, but they are ready to continue working.

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STALKER 2 was originally expected to arrive in December of this year, but after the Russian invasion of Ukraine it had to be delayed and it will most likely be in our hands until next year. Source: GRY Online.

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